Stop the Music

Please, Please, Please stop playing music between each play!!!!! We can't cheer for our team. Why can't you see this!!! You have eliminated home field advantage!!! Please Please STOP!!!

I love my chick...I love my lady...

I hate it to. It's ridiculous. I want the player's to hear how we feel and last night it wouldn't have been pleasant.

They deserved hearing some boos last night but your drowned out by the friggin music.

New promotion night for the Cat's how about 60's night. Just crowd noise all night long!!!!

Music covers up a pathetic performance. Drown out the fans. Marketing 101

was it just me or did the speakers sound a LOT louder than usual last night? what do they do change the settings of it every week? keep it at a safe level so our ears don't bleed!

They should only play music when there is a change of possession, or during a timeout, or when a first down or great play is made.

But not after every single play.

I would be happy if the reduced the music play by about 50%.

I agree!

The music - and PA - are too loud. I've recently purchased sound deadening headphones to try and enjoy the games without keeping my fingers in my ears.

We sit in a section with many long time season tickets holders and USE TO enjoy discussing the game - during the game. Now we can't because the volume and constant noise makes it impossible.

I have spoken to team management and CAT staff who admit sound levels have been "their number one complaint".

But just like the product on the field I guess we have to wait. I'm a 30 year season ticket holder and I'm serously considering staying home until something is done.

I think we should all stay home until something is done!!..maybe things will change off and on the field!

Soon enough if things are not done then most people will be at home and we will have 15, 000 people just like a few years ago!

I didn't realize that was music they were playing between plays and I nver heard of Busta Rymes or something like that video thay seemed to try to keep playing over and over ---- does he play football or sing a football song, Rock and thump noise have atime and a place, at least Rock does and it doesn"t belong at a FOOTBALL GAME HELLOOOOOOO ???????????????????

The music needs to stop between plays..I cant talk to my friend beside me without screaming...Im sure the players dont need it as they are in the huddle....I love music..but wait til the change of possession.

Relpays!!! why have this huge expensive screen if you are not going to show replays...that is what you should be doing after every play...showing a replay

The ads are getting a bit much...I looked at the screen for a replay and got a music ad for "busta rhymes" instead..maybe its just a big expensive billboard afterall ?

Sorry but those of us with hearing issues really find it hard with music blaring to enjoy the game of several reasons why I don't attend.

The home game experience is turning into a circus!... and we know who the clowns are!!

I remember when I could go to a football game and cheer my guts out. It's just not the same with this music. It feels like the music is choking the spirit right out of me.

I agree, please turn the music down and dont't play it after every single play. We can't hear the announcer or talk to anybody around us.

You have to wonder whether anyone of any importance reads these forums, because enough people have complained about the music but it still plays on

Bob can read, no?

Oski Wee Wee,

Its all part of the master plan. With the ship sinking, lets alienate fans by doing the opposite of what they want. Then we can unload this turkey claiming indifference or lack of support. Management 101-its not my fault, honest

I thought that one of the stranger promotions of the year was supplying "ThunderStix" to the crowd but not allowing them to be heard because of the music. If I was a rep from McDonalds, I would be ticked off and think twice about doing it again.

What do other stadiums do with the music? I watch games on TV and you never hear the music like at Ivor Wynne. For those of you who went to the Argo game, do they constantly bombard you with music?

When the Cats are winning, it is almost bearable and some of the songs get your head bobbing but Led Zeppelin? When the Cats are doing what they are doing, management shouldn't be finding ways to turn off the fans who come to the game to watch football.

It would seem Mr. Young would rather appeal to the marginal or youth fan with gimmics and music than keep his hard core fan base happy. Perhaps season ticket renewal numbers may change his mind.....oh and the on-field product should be addressed also.

The higher up in the stands you are, the worse it is. My head was vibrating all the way home!

I notice a lot of stadiums blast rock, and there do not seem to be any fans in favour.