Stop the bleeding......

The first thing Lancaster should do this week is fire himself and the rest of the coaching staff...for the sake of the players and the fan base....start the rebuilding now. Waiting to the off season would be the biggest mistake, the Club could make.

Who's out there? Shivers?????? Lol

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Weigh in as to who you would hire for a quick fix to the Cats' problems.

Oski Wee Wee,

Does anyone really believe Lancaster wants to be where he is?
He's paid his dues in this league and probably wants a new HC in place as bad as anybody.

Since day 1 of the Young regime Ron Lancaster has done everything this team has asked of him. Now they've asked him to stand on the sidelines and watch while assistant coaches and coordinators take this team farther down than they've ever been and he's not allowed to kick even one of their asses off this team.
Ron Lancaster always has and always will do exactly what his employers ask of him and this time they've asked him to be the interem fall guy and set him up to take the heat Katz should get.
I agree with the poster (and media people)that have suggested Katz step down.

katz is just some florida businessman, he isnt a “real deal talent evaluator gm” ,this guy is just some corporate geek with no idea what it takes to build a football team.

I agree with you re: Lancaster. Good post, too many people blaming Ron… not enough people realize whats going on here.