Stop that runner!

The way that I see it this weekend , the other team is going to try to run the ball all day long.Avery is apparently ready to go and you know Rita and Pinball would like to grind our D-line up and really challenge our Linebackers.This ,to me is the pivotal game of the season and very well may set the tone for the balance of it.Share your thoughts on this?

I agree whole heartedly! Cats better keep up the intensity level because I suspect Argos will respond to adversity as we did after the Winnipeg debacle. Toronto I believe is still a dangerous team which was feeling sorry for themselves and playing listless football. Avery is a proven rb and could be just what doc ordered. I hope we don't see Cat let down after a big win but continue to improve and develop a killer attitude!

Yes, very pivotal game for sure (man it's nice to see how all games are important in football with just 18 games compared with 160 or so in baseball or even 80 or so in hockey), the Argos may very well show up and play well but I do hope Wynn is at the helm rather than Allen.

Look for A*&gos Defence to rebound from worst game in years. They are going to be fired up for sure, plus their special teams is far superior to ours. We have a better offence (yikes!). Plus the Double Blue are fresh off a message sending bloodletting. I suspect a real battle. A poor effort might start the end of a dysfunctional family, as if the ship sinks, someone untouchable may no longer be.