Stop much noise!

It would be nice to listen to the atmosphere around the stadium once and while, instead of hearing blaring music and the announcer talk non-stop!!!

Cut the announcer immediately, please, he is so annoying I can’t take him any more. And the music, this isn’t a g-damn hockey game for crying out loud.

I've always thought I had good hearing but always seem to question that while at the stadium. Makes me feel like an old man, when I have to lean in and say "what?" all night long when trying to talk to the person right next to me.

If they cant eliminate the music altogether in between plays, how about working on the timing so that it cuts out 5-10 seconds earlier before the ball gets snapped. That would atleast give the crowd a chance to be heard.

I wonder how the players feel about the music? I wouldnt be surprised if they find it distracting as well. My thinking is that it kills any home field advantage we should have when the fans get drowned out by generic hip hop all night.

Of course lately, all it would be doing is drowning out booing and insults hurled at Ron and Paopao so maybe theres a method to this madness....

WHAT!? :lol:

is it me or does anyone else have a headache after the game? :thdn:

Only because of the play on the field...

Please remember that you are entering a stadium full of over 25, 000 people, are you that nieve to think it wont be loud, that there will not be an announcer at a FOOTBALL game, and music, do we really need to complain about everything.....

When the game is a good one and is interesting to watch you don't notice the music as much. However now that the games are awful to watch you get a chance to here the muzak -it's awful too. It is so load that you can't even here the engines of the warplane fly by. Let's here the roar of the engines - sorry it's to load we wouldn't want it to drown out the commercials.

Even though I haven't been to a game at Ivor Wynne, I know what everyone is talking about. I realize there are 29,000 + fans and I'm not expecting dead silence. (If I want that...I'll go to a Jays game lol). But when I go to a football game...I want to see AND hear the game. I enjoy the sound of the crowd and the announcer calling the play...NOT THE MUSIC!

If I want a headache and my eardrums punctured with the crappy hip hop music, I'll borrow my kids MP3 and crank the volume to the max!

I have to agree with most of the posters here...the constant blaring of the loudspeakers is too much!

But I do have to ask this question...if we can put a man on the moon...Why can't we get a speaker system to work so that you can actually here what they are saying?

I mean really can anyone make out what is being said by the person with the mike? and the ref...???? well that is just plain silly! Turn the mike on before you start talking is a good start! :roll:

It's kind of ironic, you have security telling fans to quiet down and not be so rowdy, then the stadium is blaring out loud music and using an annoying announcer.

My vote is for Bubba O'Neil to do the announcing and turn down the music. :cowboy:

sheesh why don't we have our tea time. Stop the game for a ten minute tea time. Everyone sit quietly and sip on your tea.
maybe we can have an opera singer come out on to the field and sing a soft song for the crowd......

It goes without saying that during a dismal season like this one, folks are going to gripe about anything and everything. I lock arms in full accord once again with those griping about the sounds of Ivor Wynne Stadium. (and I don’t mean the fans)
This particular complaint, however isn’t new to this site or the previous one.

The horrendous voice of the announcer coupled with MOST of the music which might be pleasing to the very youngest
of fans and the pitiful performance on the field make it a good bet that ticket sales for next year will drastically drop.

I never like to use or read about the season ticket dropoff threats on this site, but when management doesn’t react to the continual complaints about the sound system, why should we expect them to react to anything else.

It always strikes me as peculiar that whenever money is spent to bring in the Burlington Teen Tour Band or the fantastic outfit we witnessed at the last game out of Pennsylvania, the music changes radically from what we hear on the sound system to marches and other music types at a decent sound level which is appreciated by everyone.
I would further beg the question, “did anyone notice that the high school band from PA got a standing ovation”?

Hey Management! Time to pay attention!
Not everything on this site is to be sloughed off.