Stop sitting on your hands!

We had a bye week.
We haven't been playing well, and the lack of competent personnel on the field is ONE issue.
An issue that can easily be addressed.
There have been hundreds of football players who have been cut from NFL training camp rosters and are currently unemployed.
Too bad the Front Office is so brain-dead that they can't seem to understand this, because there have been a grand total of ZERO players this past week.
The ONLY transaction is the release of Mike Jones four days ago.

I'm not saying that a couple of import players will magically make this team a contender, but maybe actually getting some warm bodies up here WITH AN EYE FOR NEXT SEASON wouldn't exactly be a poor idea. Heck - EDMNTON does it, and they are as bad as us.

This looks worse and worse for El Presidente and his Three Blind Mice in the GM office.



Just keep your eyes on this guy when it's your turn to draft:

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Practice rosters are expanded for the month of September are they not? I would hope the Cats have some unannounced signings that we hear about this week. No plausible reason for them not to bring up 4 or 5 more players. Stelco guys, pry open that wallet- kick in an extra box of timbits if you have to.

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Stelco kicks in what the government gives them.

a great owner for the City (history of hamilton). A poor owner when it comes to funding.

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You do realize there is a salary cap? Didn’t this owner fork out millions to keep the team afloat during the worst of the pandemic? So what funding has been lacking?
You know, you can complain about anything to do with the day to day running of this team, but making it seem like Bob Young is a cheapskate is ludicrous.


DARN, I was flipping channels and saw that game but kept going. I see he is a junior.
i will look for Ohio games going forward. Thanks for the heads-up.

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really? didn't realize that.

One easy way to deal with that is to put every aging, injured, underperforming, expensive veteran on the 6-game. That frees up a LOT of cap space for the rest of the season. If you cut them, you have to pay them anyhow...

This isn't a way to salvage THIS season, but may be a way to improve the team for NEXT season. Of course, this requires forethought - something the Front Office from theOwnership on down seems to lack...

To save next season, fire Coach O and Condell now. Start the process.

This is the only professional sport that a team can turn around in less than 2 seasons.

And give Khari the reins as HC/OC? I shudder at the mere thought...

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I shudder every time I see our deer in the headlights coach take the field.

Bringing in players to look at for a few weeks on the practice roster is a minuscule portion of the salary cap. I would dare say most teams plan for this type of thing, same as accounting for injuries and the cap hit that that requires to replace players on one game injured lists. They also have saved on the cap by having guys like Van Zeyl, Addison, Saxelid etc on 6 game injured lists and having them replaced with lower paid players.
Every team in this league is up against the salary cap but every one will bring in NFL cuts this month, including the Bombers. Let’s hope we can find some players to compete at camp for next year.


The mystery to me is how Danny McManus, the best judge of talent this league has seen in a while is still working for us as an assistant GM. It's a good thing that no other teams have noticed him.

One day we'll wake up and find him signed as a GM somewhere else. I'm hoping its out East. He'll haunt us in the West.

What is the downside to letting Khari try
He has no skin in the game
No favorites, He is obviously looking for the job and is already on the payroll
Has HC and OC experience in the League
The main problem with the team is the offence
Offence is Khari's forte
Defensively we are pretty darn good
Most of our games lost are from brutal 2nd half Offensive turnovers

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Not convinced Danny Mac is that great of judge of talent.
No way to know who his bird dogs, advisors are.

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Wouldn't Danny bring his trusty sidekicks along for the ride if he lands a head GM gig elsewhere?

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I believe Danny Mac lives in Florida and won't move to Canada

I think O'Shea is the secret sauce in the PEG.


Yep. We'd be lost without him.

Kyle Walters is our team's architect. Danny's his right hand scout (particularily south of the border). It's a cinch you're not going to get our coach or GM but the guy with the talent pipeline might be gettable.