This guy is not the reason we are not a winning team this year...He has played what like7 games this year...and had one poor game against B.C...which again maybe would have not been so bad if he had protection...He is not throwing to Geroy Simon, and others that he did in the year he was M.V.P...the coaching staff has not really designed a play book geared towards his capabilites...I would like to see Printers play out his contract....

I stand behind Printers all the way!!

Hey, it's nice to finally see a TiCats fan standing up for their players!

Quarterbacking is not a problem and the oline isn't that bad. Like you say the plays are way to slow to develop and the receivers too inexperienced. Look at the Als ball is out between 2 and 2.8 second every play. Look how long the ball stays in Printers hands that's if the defense even respect the pass.

Everyone knew before the season this team needed two quality receivers and a succeful OC and Obilovich got nothing.

Tony Miles is playing way too deep, no picks. No six receiver sets. Brutal offense.

Printers is definitely not the problem

Well stated!

Oski Wee Wee,

see i do agree that printers has no cover but he also does not do well under pressure ... he panics and throws the ball to noone ... i saw what he is capible of doing and i hope if we keep him that he can live up to his potential

im with u guys i love printers... man!!!! but one man isnt going to slove all the problems of the team and i keep saying this it starts with the o line. no line / no.o!!!!!!

printers is a good qb but does make poor throws.

look at the end of the 3rd qtr and entire 4th qtr of the labour day game

he just could not hit anybody on the crossing pattern, he had adequate protection

like someone above stated, under pressure, he rushes his throws and doesn't think too clearly

printers can be a good qb, we've seen it, until the o-line improves and casey remembers how to play cfl football, we aren't going to win many games

Wonder if that's his thumb.

I still don't think we've really had a chance to see him make chicken salad, if you catch my drift.


Like I’ve said all year, a better o-line and d-line and we are in second place.

A better o-line lets our receivers actually run their patterns.

A better d-line doesn’t let our opponents run their full routes.

The problem is not Printers. It's not really the o-line although they could be a lot better, it's the play calling or lack thereof. Printers started out ok but since then has developed into a more nervous QB feeling he has to get the ball away sooner.
The result of all this, Marcel B will not accept responsibility for his offence that fails to play to Printer's strengths and Printers will pay the price eventually. The only hope is that DMac can fix the problems before it's too late but he will have to butt heads with Marcel B to do it.
This has the makings of an ugly finish.

Absolutely right!

For that very reason, I don't think we're that far off form turning this thing around.

Remember, the B.C. game was an anomoly. We have been pretty competative.

However, with all the changes this past week, I have no idea what to expect this week.

Casey like everybody else has to
be affected by the constant losing.

Whether he is conscious of it or not
Casey's confidence has been affected.

He was so 'gung ho' to start the season

but when you're dodging meteorites
all the time it has to wear on you.

IMO, Casey will pull out of his funk
when he gets a minimum of protection.

Great point.

How all this turmoil affects each individual is certain to have varying impacts.

I like Printers, too.
However I do think that the O-line is a problem. He's rushed to often. If that's because of inexperienced receivers then so be it. He needs another steamboat.

And, we need to run the ball. That's what we're really good at. That would free up the secondary and make the receivers more available.

When they were running good play-actions early in the year, the defence couldn't rush him. For whatever reason, they got away from this.

That's poor coaching...not poor QBing.

Printers must go,the money he makes he should be able to make other players look good also. But he seldom gets the ball with in 10ft of a guy. He blew it by sitting on the bench in the NFL for 2 years IN HIS PRIME and he will never get that back. If printers wants to stay then he should take a 50% pay cut until he can prove he can play in this league.


Montreal last season, Hamilton this season have had the most problem with pass protection.


Printers sees the Blitz coming, He just does not have an option on his passing play that is working. That is how you make a dline backoff. You make them pay when they blitz. Go to tsn and replay the games and see how deep the receivers are.

Its Marcel's playbook

IMO he has the tools. Casey is under performing as he is devoid of all confidence.
Very weak pass blocking and inexperienced receivers running poor routes and not responding when the QB is under pressure. The play calling as most acknowledge has been atrocious. Lack of screens and draws to keep the D honest. Pocket passing when Casey has a great ability to throw from a rollout & take some heat from the O line. Lack of option plays to the top rushing threat in the league. All this adds up to a QB who is struggling to make something - anything happen. Even when its not there! So he hangs on too long looking for a broken pass play to be completed - instead of scrambling, even though he's very effective when he does. He needs to relax, when the reads aren't there don't wait & try to force a completion that might not materialize. Just take off, or ground the ball. Opportunities to make completions off broken plays will come, he just can't hang on & keep hoping.

Printers showed up to camp in the best shape I've seen him in, with his head screwed on and good attitude, good intentions and a boat load of talent. He did his part.

Obilovich, Taffe and Bellefeuille let him down.

That's all

Printer does hold the ball for too long, making the Offensive lines got more difficult.

The Offensive line does not consistantly give enought protection.

And when was the last time you saw the cats audible?

You see a blitz, you audible to a hot route and throw the ball quickly.

Basic football.

I've never heard audibles in Saskatchewan, Montreal last season either in a Bellefeuille offense. Hopefuly McManus has had the opportunity to add 4 to 6 plays for Printers in this messed up week.