Stop overlooking the Riders!!!!

I think the Stamps will beat riders in the West semi, but it is realy pissing me off how the media and people all over the country are acting like the riders are not even there! the riders are a hard working football team that should never be over looked and im a huge Kerry Joseph fan.

p.s. if the riders get past the stamps, i wil be pulling for them to knock off B.C. and yes i'm going to say the cup.

I have to agree! No one should look past anything team in the playoffs have the opportunity to get to the GC no team should be under estimated.

The Lions are done. Winner of the West - Semi final wins the Grey Cup!!!

Of course the Riders will win the Cup!

Don't they always?

I for one hope they keep ignoring the Riders....history has proven they are a sleeper team. Just like everyone is Ignoring the Bombers, who are just as capable.

...i agree Dentor...but let's just keep flying under the just never know in a one-game play-off ...anything can happen..... :wink:

....while there is a history right now of dominant play from the Stamps when facing the Riders (4 wins in the last 5 games, 2 @ Taylor Field even), the Riders are a pretty darn decent team and should not be taken lightly by's going to be a hell of a party.....just emailed my fanatically green and white cousin in Vancouver that there's a tic here for him if he can get his sorry butt out here for November 5th...

Just like the history of dominant play of the Leos over the Stamps...which ended yesterday...


tough sked for the riders. two road games to end the season, followed by a road playoff game
of course, there will be 15,000 rider fans in Calgary, so that will help
rest the team up, and get ready for a great game. as the 16-2 eskimos remember, anyone can beat anyone in the playoffs.

We will see how history writes itself...

That was a good line, I should TM that...

I was thinking that exact same situation chewbacca.

Never take any team lightly in the playoffs. especially with the Riders because you dont know which team will show up.

This western semi in Calgary is going to be awesome. We both hate eachother and you know there is going to be a ton of Rider fans there.

There's only one certainty with the Riders. They will fail, it's just a matter of when.

The Western final is going to be a one sided blow out by the Stamps.

Buris loves crushing the Riders.

…uh, couldn’t that be said for just about any team?

Sure could. But I'm saying it about the Riders. Which is why I used their name in the first sentence.

And if you take a look at the subject of the post, it's about the post season. So actually, no it couldn't be said about every team in this context, only the teams in the post season.

Don't you mean the Western semi-final, EE?

Perhaps I should have dumbed it down for you so you could understand me properly, EE.....let me try again.....

Five of six teams in the post season in the CFL this playoff season will ultimately fail.....

I hope you enjoy watching the CFL playoffs from your TV set and NOT in Commonweath EE.

Dont worry jm02, Mr Evil Empire is just a lil POed that his team isnt in the playoffs