Stop hating on Burris?

This morning while i was getting ready for school, I was listening to Curry's Corner(sorry if i spelt Curry wrong). He talked about the people who phoned into the ticket office to complain about the Joseph trade. Near the end he said "Why don't we stop hating on Burris? I bet you we don't even remember why he left in the first place." The more I thought about it I said, "Why." hating on Burris is sooooooooo fun! Like at the playoff game when we all chanted Burris sucks! lol that was so fun! It also throws him off his game.


traditionally whenever i've been at games against Calgary all the fans around me come up with some of the most creative and funny Burris jokes, and the Burris sucks chants are so fun to do and it does throw him off. I mean i think most of us don't hate him, its just so fun to bug the poor guy. Kinda like highschool all over again for some people.

It's just a game, people...and it's juvenile to be a poor sport by behaving in such a manner, in my opinion...

As juvenile as having 7700 posts on an internet message board?

Got a point in there somewhere? Since when does being a member on a public forum equate with being juvenile? And why is it you can't seem to stay on topic in this one?

Actually jm, I tend to agree with you. Same goes at hockey games when the fan chants the Visiting team goalie sucks. Never participated in the chant. Now I'm going to share a very very dark secret with all of you. It will shatter your images of pro players!

Very secret!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to watch my Grandson at a sports camp. There were Football Players (CFL)(CIS) Hockey Players(NHL)(WHL)(OHL)and one of the young kids asked a question about the taunts and "boo birds" from fans. Every player had the exact same answer :

"We are so focused on the game, we don't hear the fans." One hockey player joked to another "Didn't you hear your mother yelling?" To which several players replied that they would "tune her" out as well.

Afterwards I had the opportunity to ask this NHL goalie if what they all said was really true. Again he repeated that the focus level is so high and intense in pro sports, if they ever lost their focus and listened to the fans, they would be out of the league in no time.

I beleive he was sincere in his comments.

I don't think that is as big a secret as you think, Sporty.
In fact many players have been asked about crowd noise. Only two responses ever are given.
"We tune it out"
Or, "we like the noise, we feed off the crowd, whether it is a home game or not"
And I absolutely agree that if they lose their focus, they are in big trouble.
The question that then needs to be asked is, not what happens IF you lose your focus, but rather "Have you or a teamate ever lost that focus".
And if they answer "sincerely", they likely will need to admit, while unusual, it does happen.
And then, as your goalie said, they are in big trouble...

Anyway, I'll be saying Boooriss again this year.
It is fun. And he deserves it.
And whatever it takes to get the crowd going, it is worth it.

So, will Joseph draw the same “Wrath” as Burris, or because he was traded let him off the hook with the “native”?

Some people will boo...but they booed him last year anyway...and likely booed Lancaster....
But the comparison between Henry Burris and Kerry Joseph is radically different.
First, KJ did not choose to leave.
He was forced to via trade.
That alone makes a world of difference.
But he won us a Grey Cup. Burris stated, "I want to be here(Sask.) until I win a Cup--then left.
KJ has been a world of class since his trade. The guy is so positive, it is scary.
When Hank left, it was a constant barrage of lies, half-truths and sour grapes about why he left.
Personally, I don't boo him because he left--I boo him for the manner in which he left and how he behaved after...

Of course lots of people booed him just for leaving...

I think when KJ comes back to Taylor Field, I will likely applaud him.
Then get back to the business of booing the Argos...

I have to think some people are affected by it... at least a little. Look at last year in the NBA playoffs. Whenever Vince Carter touched the ball, everyone in the ACC booed, and it was loud!!!

His stats for the Toronto games:
5-19 (26%), 16 points
8-24 (33%), 19 points
10-22 (45%), 30 points

His stats for the New Jersey games:
15-23 (65%), 37 points
9-15 (60%), 27 points
6-19 (32%), 21 points

And he was shooting 45% in the regular season. So he excelled in New Jersey but stunk in Toronto.

I totally disagree with chanting peoples name, especially in football when communication is important. Look how many procedure calls are called in those games. Look at Joseph in the West Final in B.C. a few years ago. Some people if they hear their name being chanted will play better others worse.

Making noise is part of any sport. If it is name calling or just making noise, fans have the right to do it.

I have seen blue bombers lose there cool on the east side of the taylor field during a labour day game. Were there racial slurs to get him to lose his cool no. Mostly it was about his play. Once the fans knew they had gotten to the player they didn't let up. It worked and it was effective.

Wow, some of these posts are proof that we only have one pro sports team in this province. These are probably the same people who are telling me to sit down and not yell when the defence is on the field.
NEWS FLASH at any other stadium and even more so in the NFL/college, nobody even uses the seats. standing,yelling,being loud, waving a flag or sign and booing/cheering are what you do at a game. Why would we be sitting like its a dog show and giving a golf clap?

my seats are 50 yrd line on the sunny side and I do get harassed for being loud and cheering for my team. I'm dressed like a freaking green darth vader for god sakes what do these ppl expect. I'm probably the only one who has traded 50 yrd line seats for university section because its more fun over there. come on ppl. we've got the best fan base in the league and I've seen all the wild crazy costumes. If you're coming to a game, have some fun and show em you're there!


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