Are you gus kidding me? Bruce is one of our best offensive players. Off-field antics?? What did he really do, he kicked the ball into the stands?? He was frustrated as a player. Maybe I am ignorant to the fact that he did something put RETH on the back of his jersey??? What is the big deal with that?? If he is traded or released, I will be very upset. If Avon could get up in his face and show leadership and is trying to instill a winning attitude by being vocal, then Avon on the same token can get up in Mann's face or Bruce's face and say "hey listen...I care bout yall...i wanna win. Don't take it personal, we are a family". I find it funny that Bruce does something that may not be politically correct in some of your eyes, everyone is quick to throw him under the bus...but when he catches 15 balls in a game then everyone yells BRUUUUUUUCE....I am not saying everything he has done I have agreed with, but he is one of us, black and gold. Getting rid of him would just add to the inexperience.

In fact IMO, this organization has taken a step backwards. With what they were expected to do, and starting off 0-2 against 2 non playoff teams last year....and looking worse than them???

Really you thought this needed its own topic...
This is your post right out of that thread.

Exactly. Those are my sentiments. The other threads title is " Tommorow's Depth Chart"...not "Let's bash Bruce".

I don't think anyone is "hatin" on Bruce-Reth at all.

It's clear that there is something going on that may be affecting the team in some way and everyone is just showing concern........that's all

Or, he's just frustrated and injured and everyone is reading waaaaayyyy too much into things.

ABIII will be sitting out the game vs the Riders.. seems a knee injury has him sidelined

That's my hope.

These same antic's happened last year just before the disastrous playoffs. It looks like Brucie doesn't what to be here anymore but he needs the money . All of a sudden Bruce can't catch balls that hit him in the hands and he has strange lower body injuries. Last year the coach said he was ready and Bruce said he wasn't, At least MB is not saying that anymore. Who's running the team anyway.

i think ab3 has serious stress/self esteem/notice-me! issues.
as his play has declined in the past half season, and he's not getting the props/kudos for legitimate football reasons, he has decided to draw attention to himself in other ways. some would perhaps use these words to describe his actions: petulant, self-centred, self-aggrandizing (which means promoting oneself as important or powerful, as in Runako Reth, the handsome, mighty king.)

I think Bruce wants to go back to Toronto now that everything is “happy” over there…

Do you mean AB the third or the one hundredth and eleven?

Hopefully he's just injured...if you know what I mean.

lol..... I think he is injured... there is way to many conspiracy theorists around here


Maybe, just maybe, our receiving core is going through a growing pain of talent & some ego's have been hurt. We've all seen it happen before with other teams & in other sports. We have a quality core that may just be struggling ......if so, it's time to get over one's self & work as a team to win as a team......otherwise, we'll be watching the AL's in the GC again this year!