Stop giving up 2 points

The cats must stop giving up 2 points (safetys) evey game. :x
We must lead the CFL in that area.we give up 1 or 2 a game and a couple of those games we lost only by a close score.
we have the best kicker in the league so use him, his average is something like 48 yards. USE SETTA.
Everytime we give up the 2 points the other team walks down the feild and score more points again, its a lose lose thing. :frowning:
If it really windy fine maybe give up 2 but remeber field postion dosnt win football games the score dose.KICK THE BALL.

Why can’t people get it through their head that when you’re punting from your own end-zone, AND have a porous O-line, the BEST thing to do is concede the safety and kick the frickin’ ball off from the 35. Even with Setta, if he punts the ball 50-55 yards, THE OPPOSING TEAM WILL FIELD THE BALL AT MID-FIELD!!!

Even if the returner gets a 10-yard return, they now have the ball on our own 40-yd line. Can you say “instant field goal”? I Knew you could…

You have to give up the 2 pts.

Yes, it stinks that our defence is so bad that the opposing team usually marches down and gets an additional 7 pts, however, it's a no-brainer in most cases. Give up 2 pts, get a good spot to kick from and then try to stop them.

In that situation, they had to give up the two points. They were in such poor field position. I think if they punted, BC probably would have been at our 40 yard line or better. They probably would have the 3 points guaranteed, if not better.

Given the number of problems facing this team, giving up 2 or 4 points a game seems like quibbling about the lack of ice for the drinks while sailing on the Titanic.

An Argo-Catfan

Just look at our last home game vrs Winnpeg we lost 25-23 and we gave up 2 count them 2 safety touches for a total of 4 points and it wouldnt have come done to the last play in the game were we missed the field goal.
It just seems like its in our play book every game to give up 2 points.the idea is to score points not give them away.
I know we have big problems with this team but you have to start to make little changes to get better and one is stop giving up points for free, beacuse in the CFL every point matters.

cant stand seeing a team concede Points, id rather see a team work itself out of a hole than give the op points And the ball back, How defeatest is that!! imhovnot a good way to instill a winning attitude!!!

giving up 2 pts is only good if you can stop the other team from scoring on their next possession, otherwise its a bad thing.

Concerning those safeties:

I'm not sure if Winnipeg scored on the ensuing drives but you can almost guarantee those 4 conceded points would have been 6 if the Cats punted out of their end zone. Strategically, its the right thing to do. Whether the league should implement something to make it an undesirable tactic is another argument.