Stop Defending Taffe

While I know he is not the only reason this team is an utter disgrace, he is the main reason. He knew when he signed that contract, he would get the blame when the team was doing good, he would get the blame when the team was doing bad. Any other team in any league including this one would not put up with such a bone head coach for this long, considering this season is pretty much lost, there is no point in keeping Charlie around. He needs to go. Wake up and stop defending this bone head.

Might as well have him finish the season and then take the time to look for a new coach in the off season.

Part of the challenge of rebuilding is to find an identity. This team doesn't have one. We seem to enjoy having our QBs get run over BY SCHEME.

Lumsden got two touches in the first half. Unless he's hurt (and I didn't see any indication from the times he did touch the ball), that is disgraceful.

You cannot rebuild from consistent ineptitude. Instead of taking the Game 2 gameplan and using it as a blueprint to build an offensive strategy around, it went POOF. Absolutely astounding.

Marcel Bellefeuille likes to run a cute offense with basketball rebounders running with DBs and QBs being road grated by opponents. November 2 comes a rolling, he can do that for some other team.

Creehan? Harder to dismiss his effort. There is ZERO production happening from the front four for whole stretches of games. That is a huge problem. Nonetheless, his approaches are predictable as well.

There comes a time when you see what a Marc Trestman can do to right a listing craft in the good ship Alouette and you wonder why Mr. Morgantown can't even stabilize the team's level of focus and approach from week to week. It boggles the mind!

I can understand a young team making execution mistakes. This team is rudderless onfield and that is a recipe for disaster in the medium term.

Oski Wee Wee,

That is precisely what Obie will do, I think. Unless the trapdoor is engaged in a quick volte-face manoeuvre this week, Chuckles will be the man until the offseason assessment happens, hopefully during the time the Fifth Quarter runs on CHML after the Nov. 1 game against Winnipeg. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Probably right...but too bad.

Why not start to change the climate now.

What can it hurt?

We wait and wait and wait.....
I say fire him now.

Start over now.

Why wait?

I see no reason.

Any reasonable answer as to why we should wait, other than the obvious Bob.....($$$$)...shhhhh....

There comes a time when you see what a Marc Trestman can do to right a listing craft in the good ship Alouette
Wern't you guys saying in the preseason that the Als would miss the playoff cause of a rookie US coach and an old spaghetti armed QB ?

Maybe Taafe is trying to get fired and running out of ways to do it. Some times I bet he wonders how he keeps his job.

This team does not get better week to week. They make the same mistakes game in game out. I cannot defend Taffe, he did it himself when he smiled and told us all he has coached 35 years and knows far more than we fans do. Sorry but it does not show on the field or in his decision making. Enough said.

I'm not gonna blame anyone for the losing season. What I will say about Taffe is his body weight. He doesn't look very healthy. If anything happens to coach Taffe, I hope it's him trimming down a bit so he can be healthier. I'm not making fun of him. I just wanna see him live a healthy lifestyle.


Only reason Taffe and his band of misfits are STILL here is because there is nobody out there to bring in. And hiring and firing mid season limits your choices of coaches you can bring in.

So a off season coaching hire is our only hope.

8) Realistically, what coach in his right mind would want the job in Hamilton, what with the amount of turnover in the coaching ranks here in the last few year. :roll:
Realistically, what coach in his right mind would want the job in Hamilton, what with the amount of turnover in the coaching ranks here in the last few year.
A coach with something to prove and big testicles. :wink:

No, I thought the Als were showing signs of decline from year to year because Calvillo was getting road grated behind five 300-pound plus turnstiles and that hiring a rookie head coach (albeit one that I felt was an intriguing hire as a Raider fan familiar with his work with Gruden) entailed some risk.

I felt there would be a race for the playoffs this year in the East -- it has been more of a stumblefest where Montreal looks pretty much home and dried.

The biggest thing Trestman has done in practical terms is addressed the offense by using pre-snap motion extremely well in terms of scheme and approach. The O-line has rebounded (particularly Chiu). The defence remains iffy to me at times, but their capacity for the big play (even the goal line stand after offsideosis vs. the Lions) is still there.

The main thing Trestman has done in terms of club mindset is gotten the players to believe that his approach can work -- and the players are buying into it. That's 180 degrees away from Charlie Taaffe.

Oski Wee Wee,

My suspicion is that Taffe has an agreement with upper management that he will leave in the off-season, and spare the team the 'hassle' of performing a mid-season replacement.

Team and coach will part ways during off-season on good terms, and the team will announce a replacement in time to positively impact season ticket sales.

The downside here is it leaves Taffe giving less than 100% for the balance of the season.

It's possible that deal was done in the spring...

I never doubted Trestman, but I did think Toni's career was over lol.

I also figured Calvillo was done. But he's in the gym at 6:30 every morning. Today when he rushed with the ball was the fastest I've seen him run in his entire CFL carreer and his arm is the best its ever been. Providing Trestman and his coaching staff stay around. I'm starting to think Calvillo can play till he's 40. Shocking! but a great story...I'm very pround this guy is the als qb.

Why in Hamilton is it always 2 reasons the team isnt winning ?? It`s always the QBs and the head coach .

If you were at the game on Saturday and I was because i have seasons tickets !!! You would of saw the difference between our offence and their offence and our defence and their defence , It`s as simple as that , it shouldnt be that simple but it is .

Casey would get the snap and be forced to hurry his throws and try to scramble and he very rarely had time to do that either . 

Buck  on the other hand had ALL kinds of time to decide what he wanted to do . On the odd occasion that he was inder presuure we got some turnovers or they got holding penalties . Sound familiar ?? Sounds alot like Hamilton doesnt it ??????????

Football is basically a simple game , you have to get pressure on the QB and PROTECT your own Qb .Do that and you have at least a 50 50 chance at a win and wouldnt we ALL like to have those odds the rest of the season ???

Collective responsibility? :?

What's this heresy you are touting, Habman?

Don't you realize all the fun is in placing blame

on particular individuals caught in this windstorm.

What do you think football is? a team game? :?

What a spoilsport! :wink: