Stop Bragging Montreal

o ok, thats still 3 and a half years though. i was pretty amazed by the years thing. found it hard to believe, this is much more believable and makes alot more sense. thats still quite an accomplishment.

I guess that's not bad Montreal but everyone knows which team year in year out holds the attendance record in the CFL. Wake me when they start averaging 30/K a game.

OK so this now leads me now to propose this question...If Edmonton and Montreal had same ticket prices and current Venues (CW Vs. Olympic stadium) who would draw more? it's an interesting thought. Edmonton is used to coming out in large numbers for more games but Montreal is used to a more expensive ticket. Would the enthusiasm in Montreal continue when there are 55,000+ seats available for every game?

actually Yogi, if RW05 says hello, it would be more useful than anything you have ever posted on here! You are the biggest waste of space around here, cause you just want to provoke people. Yogi, your posts are useless, and that is a reflection of the poster.

We have gone through this argument before. Yes Molson is a small stadium but they still get 18,000 season tickets sold every year and there is a waiting list 5000 names long. I am curious to know what the season ticket base is for all the other teams that look down their noses at Molson stadium.

First yogi guys like you are not useful therefore there is nothing else to say !


Only a Bomberfan can get sick of hearing something successful. Oh well I guess that comes from being in the basement last year. Seriously why did it have to be a bomberfan. REgardless if it is 18 thousand or 26 thousand that is good support.

Id take Molson stadium over the big O in a heartbeat, along with
most, if not all Montrealers. Its been stated a million times the big
O sucks.

Is the fricken roof still falling???

Im not going to no grey cup where concrete lands in your beer.

65 games is more like 7.2 years
You obviously do not know what you are talking about. The roof of the Big O is not made of concrete!

Well enlighten me???

If its confetti thats falling I wont have any worries. I'll just have
to scoop them out of the drink.

Its made of kevlar!
Well at least the last one was. The lastest one is made of some sort of fabric
possible kevlar as well.

oops :oops: your right, and that's sad, but it's great that the Big O has had that many people attend and break that limit.

Its sad that I am right?
The 3 highest attendances at the Grey Cup were in Montreal


I Believe In Bleu, did you just wake up after you saw a game last year? Why the hell would you start a thread with such a topic when we've been months without a game, and definately months since anyone talked about Montreal's sellout streaks (which accounts to 65 in case nobody told you).

Kanga, you are right. This totally came from left field. But you should never say you hate Molson-Percival until you attend a game there. I'd bet my season ticket you'd just love the ambiance there.

123James321, the toughest part when selling out for 65 years in a row where those years between 1985 and 1996. You needed to be a pure marketing genious to fill the seats then...

I wonder how the Expos wold have done if they had kept Jarry Park as a baseball venue and remained there instead of moving to the Big Owe.....

Well said ro and 3rd and 10, It just seems that some bomberfans need to complain about anything because they are tired of the losses from their team. I thing what has transpired in Montreal is a big success story.

No. Because the Commonwealth stadium is an awesome venue. You can sit in a shltty seat and still have a good view on the game. In Olympic Stadium, you can't even see very well from the best seat available.

People fill the Big O once a year because they know the Als need it to financially stay healthy. It's the sacrifice fans make for the team. But there's no way in hell people would go there 10 times a year.

But what if Montreal had a stadium as good as Edmonton’s? And comparable ticket prices? (Keeping in mind the only reason Montreal has the League’s highest ticket prices is simply because of supply and demand).
Montreal fans tend to be very fickle (Larry Smith himself said so). But Edmonton hasn’t had to suffer with a non-playoff team for some 30-odd years (a streak that I hope ends ASAP). It’s hard to say … though I do seem to remember that the 2002 Grey Cup (in Edm) only sold out when it was apparent Edmonton would be in it, and the 2001 Grey Cup (in Mtl) sold out WELL ahead of time.

If commonwealth stadium was in downtown montreal we would still have the same sell out streak I believe simply because there is a huge amount of support for the als in the city. They have been able to carve out a very good fan base in a city that is very used to having and supporting only winners. The habs had consistent sellouts this year even when they were playing less than stellar hockey and the als would do the same regardless of hte size of their stadium

Probly not a sell out streak, but much higher attemdamce most likely.