Stop Bragging Montreal

Im sick of hearing about sellouts in Monreal for the past few seasons. Who cares about how many sell outs they can get in a row in that crappy little stadium? It is a university stadium with about 20 000 seats. Winnipeg gets over 20 000 every game as well even though we suck. So when Montreal gets 50 consecutive sell outs in a bigger stadium or even three sellouts in a row in the Olympic stadium, I will be impressed. But for now, Montreal fans, shut up!

Hell that is great to see and the Als fans seem to have a great time at the games. So really why the jealousy ha ha ha is it because your team sort of sucked last year. Keep it up Al's fans it is great to see.

Your pep talk should be to the Gade fans.

Its good to see games selling out in the CFL but i dont want to hear about that every game when they have that tiny stadium. Also ya you ottawa fans suck. You finally get your team back and blow it in like three years. Show some loyalty!

Oh wow where do the bombers find these fans! What has a small stadium got to do with it. The Al's fans support their team very well. As a CFL fan myself they should brag. Remember they to had no team at one time just like Ottawa. But they turned it around once they move to that tiny stadium which as the football atmosphere. When you sell out your stadium walk around bragging but really who cares. Most people brag about their team (Bomberfans) yet they have done nothing for a while. Just maybe you should worry about that first then what Montreal does.

Man, this came completely out of left field.

As much as I hate Molson, that was totally unnecessary.

I appeasheate your passion, IBIB, but use it on more positive things, like creaming both Montreal and Ottawa (oops, too late, their management settled that for us) this season, and winning the GC!


Do not be to be mean here Kanga but ( stop laughing) what kind of peas did she ate! Kidding good try and you made my day!

If it makes you feel any better the city of montreal loves the als and I can tell you from first hand experience that the als have a waiting list of over 3 years for season tickets and people pay very well for the mcgill dorms that have balconies that overlook molson stadium to see the als.

If this helps the als have consistently pulled over 50 000 people to the worst stadium ever built by man in a remote part of montreal each year that they played two games including one playoff game in that stadium. The big disappointment last year was not getting 55 000 for the east semi-final

since they started speaking french, duh.

ps, rw2005, do you ever have something useful to say, because i've never seen it happen.

Why are you sick of hearing about 65 consecutive sellouts in Montreal?
I think its great that they have sold out 65 times in a row. No one else even comes close to 65 consecutive sell outs. Did you know that not only have they sold out 65 consecutive times they also have the 3 record attendances for the grey cup. Over 65 thousand each.
Hey that’s quite cool, 65 consecutive sell outs and 65 thousand at the Grey Cup. What are the odds that that would happen having 65 consecutive sellouts and 65 thousand at the cup like that. Ya know what though? They will sell out all their games in 2006,2007 and 2008 and that will give them 94 consecutive sellouts but they wont get 94 thousand at the grey cup to go along with the 94 consecutive sell outs but they will get at least 65 thousand to go with the 65 consecutive sells out that they have now so that will be quite cool anyways

Did you know that Montreal has had 65 consecutive sellouts?

Montreal sells out a lot then. They sell out for CFL and NHL.

65 consecutive sellouts for the Als.
I do believe the habs were sold out fot the entire season but I could be wrong!
However I know for sure the Als sold out the last 65 regular season home games at Molson Stadium.

No, you're right. 21,273 for every Habs game.

So then that would be at least 41 consecutive sell outs for the habs and
65 consecutive sells out for the Als


I think the point that IBIB is making that they sold out, but it was selling out a 20,002 stadium, when Winnipeg had a attendance of that last season in 26,000 seat Winnipeg Stadium.

but I haven't heard Montrealers barging about it all at, at least now on here, until this thread was started.

um, last time I checked, the Grey Cup of 2002 wasn't in Montreal, nor was the 1997 Grey Cup, somebody needs to fix that.

First of al IBB joined up so he could complain about something and he Happined to pick the fact that Montreal has sold out the last 65 games in a row

Kanga! On your LInk.
Where does it say it was in Montreal????????
It lists the top attendance records not the games in Montreal.

wow montreal sold out 65 years in a row? holy smokes great job! thats bragging rights if u ask me, i think they SHOULD get a bigger stadium so they can get more money and more fans can watch some football, its obvious they have a huge fan base......... hats off to montreal.

Thats games not years!