Stop blaming theplayers

Stop blaming the players. It goes way beyond the players deep into the coaching of the team. Every year people here blame the players so we trade them away only to see them excel on other teams. Granted we don't have the best players in the league and we are weak at certain positions. And as a result of these weaknesses we should take our share of losses. But it goes way beyond taking our share of losses. We get beaten up every game by the opposition's coaches. Even a team as pathetic as Winnipeg last night, who probably made as many errors as we did, manages to pull out a win against us. That comes down to coaching folks.
Consistently not being able to execute is a coaching problem first and a player personnel problem second. I still believe some of our best players are probably sitting on the bench because our coaching staff still can't recognize talent. Didn't we cut JoJo Walker a few weeks ago? Now, because of injuries we call him back and he's our most consistent player. How many other players have we cut that are better than what we got?

It doesnt come down to coaching it comes down the players last nite 2 huge errors were made by a player that gave up 14 quick points as well as a gimme on 3rd and 1. No matter who was coaching they couldnt have stopped that from happening. it comes down to lack of talent and players making horrible mistakes. Coaches can only coach a game its up to players to execute and they arent

ADAWG: That's like saying "I have taught my dawg how to behave but he still keeps biting people, barking and chewing the furniture. So its all the dawg's fault...not mine." :cry:

I don't fully agree with your assessment. Yes coaching is very important. However, the game was lost because the O Line could not contain Gavin Wall - Brown or Tom Canada.

Thomas and Woodard are a huge problem. Did you see how fast Winnipeg stopped the best run O in the league. Another set off circumsatnces that hurt our chances last night was the receivers did not help out Williams who was running for his life all night. The D line on the corners is absolutley pathetic - all games are won or lost in the trenches. Couple this with 3 or 4 fumbles and the factwe don't take advantage of the opposing teams pass rush in the form of a screen pass - will create continued problems. On a possitive note - I like the not quit intensisty of the players.

However, the game was lost because the O Line could not contain Gavin Wall - Brown or Tom Canada.
No the game was lost because the coaches didn't recognize the OL was outmatched and watched it happen all game. Over and over and over. Remember the blitz a few weeks back, over and over and over. The coaches need to adjust.

Like I said. Poor execution can be blamed for a loss here and a loss there but if it's consistently poor execution like the Cats have experienced, it becomes a coaching problem first. Our players are not that bad. It's up to the coaches to maximize their potential and to utilize our best weapons. If the coaches do that our team wins at least as often as they lose. If they don't we lose. And that is what is happening.
if you have a weak offensive line you design your offense around quick releases, screen passes, running plays, QB draws etc. it's called coaching 101...
But if it makes you happy to blame the players feel free.

We've tried what 3 entire staff changes over 5 seasons and we still have the same results. So lets do it again and again and again and guess what we will still have the same results. Until this team gets more talent no matter who coaches it will not matter. Who do you think will change this team around until the players stop making foolish mistakes then whats the point. Last nites game game down to execution by players not coaching

i notice when opponents run stunts woodard is lost and doesn't pick up his man. plus he used to play like a mean sob, not anymore, he's suppose to be the vet along the line.

Our players are that bad how many starters on our team would start elsewhere how many of these guys would teams actually trade for. this team is exactly where it should be and no matter who coaches this team it will still have the same results

If the receivers are not helping out the QBs by coming back to the ball than here's a novel idea. Get the coaches to work on it in practise. They are teachers as much a coaches so time to do some teaching. Problem is they don't know how to or can't be bothered take your pick.

you learn those fundamentals in pop warner football.
you must come back to the football to help your qb.

I heard this argument a couple of years ago when we got rid of Flick and half of Edmonton's starting lineup. Fans here said no one would want them because they are a bunch of bums. These players sure proved to us who were the bums didn't they? There isn't a team out there who would not want to get their hands on Lumsden ( the guy who when he is healthy we can't seem to get the ball to), Printers, Moreno, Setta (we don't get close enough to kick field goals anymore) Bauman, p-rod, Cauley, Tre smith ( who we chose to sit out last night) there's probably more I just can't be bothered

getting rid of flick to save 20 grand was one of the stupidest moves ever.
dj wanted to stay in hamilton all along.


We DO get close enough to kick field goals, but we score touchdowns instead.

What other Import player would you have sat? Glasper, and then watch the secondary being destroyed because we had to play Beveridge?
Woodard, when we don't have ANY other o-linemen?
Jojo, P-Rod, or Bradley?

Why am I not surprised?

it's unfortunate it had to be tre.
if jojo didnt play then oneil wilson would have been dropping balls on every passing down.
hoping we obtain some more depth as far as canadian o linemen because i feel 2 imports are enough on oline,especially since woodard is only still in the lineup because of depth problems.

going into the season last year wassnt everyone or at least a lot of people saying that we had a ton of depth at o line? I thought i rembered hearing this and i just wanted to know what happened to it.

cheron,gagne-marcoux,and donnelly

Yep but that was not Obie's call it bean Counter Marcel.
who was our GM at the Time

Perfect analogy ADAWG. Time to take the dog to the pound where it eventually either dies because the owner is too lazy to spend time training it or it finds a new owner that brings out the best in the dog and it prospers.

i tried to forget about marcel...shutter.