stop bashing the QB

:roll: ok, in a nutshell guy's n gals.People are trashing Ricky,when indeed his stats prove he is doing his job.2K YRDS PASSING!!you just cant overlook that and he is still a game behind Dickenson.My opinion is red/grey zones are toughest to penatrate do to not being able to stretch the field.Seems to me we have play calling issues and not a QB problem.Then again questions to ask are 1. recievers getting open? 2. where is the run game? {need to be diverse} reality just how well is the O line doing? 4. penalties and WHY?! REGUARDLESS these are issues that need to be looked at,also i read a post about best QB's in the cfl.You can be the worst QB and be on a winning TEAM!. Stats are what put players into Hall of Fame{wins do help also}. All i am trying to get across is that because you need a fall guy,don't put blame on the guy thats doing his job,he's a QB not a one man show.

the Problem is in't Ray.. it's in his side kick, Maccioca!

Failure to score once in the red zone leads to inflatded stats. teams are willing to let you move the ball down the feild 7-10 at a time if they know you cant put 6 on the board once inside the 30.

Teams have adjusted to Ray and the EE offence. They make sure they dont give up the deep TD pass, which Ray wont force, and trust that they will stop them once they have the short feild to concentrate on.

I am not saying it's totally Ray's fault only that teams give him a lot more easy stuff cause right now they cant punch it in from the red zone.

Calgary had the same problem over their 3 game losing streak, difference is they have Reynolds who is capable of moving the stick from inside the 30 by himself. With the EE Oline and Davis being on the decline i think EE are in for a long season.

really it was Maas' ability to mix things up when he came in that got Ray to the Grey Cup last season.

These are not new problems and the EE are heading for a total team blow up at the end of the season.

btw how great is Maas doing now?. good QB but not great by any means. :? :? :?

He needs to pick him up his game. We're lucky we got a win tonight through Troy Davis and the defense and special teams. He's just got to punch the ball in when we're inside the 35.

Great decision though in the last minute to RUN for a first down though. He needs to run more.. he's alot more improved at it then years past.

yeah, they gotta execute more in the red zone, but i swear to god, if i see one more goddamn swing pass, I AM GOING TO BARF...

Hey Weirdo, where'd you go? Come back over and see the response to your poll?

Oh, direct quotes from Sportsnet regarding your beloved:

"The slumping Eskimos suffered their third consecutive loss and are last in the West with a 2-5 record.

A swarming Lions defence had Eskimo quarterback Ricky Ray running for his life most of the night. Ray, who was replaced late in the game by Jason Johnson, threw a five-yard touchdown to Jason Tucker."

Wow, 5 yards hey, what a beaut!

Oh, and regarding our team, with or without Dickenson (again, quoted from Sportsnet):

"Backup Buck Pierce threw another touchdown to Simon, then tossed a 16-yard strike to defensive end Brent Johnson on a second-and-short play."

There's a lot more where this came from...if you like I'll send it.

god... what smells like dumbass in here...?

apparently you:

I guess Sportsnet sees it as I do:

"The Eskimos did little right in the first half and when they did, managed to shoot themselves in the foot.

Edmonton had minus-five yards total offence in the first quarter and didn't manage a first down until 5:41 of the second quarter."

I'm done for now. Got more important things to do than talk to weirdos. (PS - good comeback. Not much to say, other than a lame insult?)

u call THAT lame???? u aint seen nothing yet...

btw, how do u guys cope w/ the lions flopping year, after year, after year, after year?? i gotta say, i really admire u guys for that :rockin:

Re: his own comeback.....

Man, do you realize that you just totally slammed yourself there? :lol:

it's called humour: look it up. i don't give a (edit) who it slams--if it's funny, it's funny


Which part was funny?

He's wierd...what else can you expect?