Stop attacking others on site-its cyberbullying

I agree we are all ticat fans …well most of us anyways…and some like to push peoples buttons but I want to address something on this site. Lately I have been defending myself because some people who are on here and have been here for awhile like to attack others when they create articles and sometimes they are redundant because a article was already done about the topic. I know myself I havent looked at over the hundreds of articles on this site and I know sometimes I make mistakes in writing on a previous topic.

I just want to say that attacking others for it because they didnt see the article is kind of cyber bullying to be honest. Let’s all enjoy this site and let the moderators use there discretion on what’s right and what’s wrong and not just people attacking others like they own the site.

Dont get me wrong, I have defended myself and attacked back and I’m sorry for that but I didnt think I would have to. We are all ticat fans and just want the team to succeed.

Go Cats Go!!


Good sentiments, but aren’t you the same guy that just dissed Grover on another thread, and called the poster a hypocrite?

You should use the mods to take care of situations that you feel are cyberbullying

There is always a small note at the bottom of the post that says,

Report to mods,

The mods are good people :slight_smile:

Speaking of mods.... can we axe this thread? there's already a forum guidelines post, and this is just attention seeking


Sort of like starting a new thread on Rob Bagg and Bakari Grant when an existing thread on Rob Bagg and Bakari Grant had already been started a few hours earlier?

And then commenting on the hundreds of threads on the site?

Niagaraguy2018, I think we all ultimately mean well, but yeah people can get carried away with mentioning when something is a duplicate post / redundant / not to their liking. Personally it really bugs me when thread titles are just "Owens"; yeah I get that it's probably going to to be about Chad but are really going to be that non-descriptive? Yeesh. But you're right, it's petty and we can all likely do better with our attitudes.

In any case, I think let's try to keep this thread constructive but meta-threads like this rarely do stay that way so don't be upset if it gets locked before long. But message heard; and the moderator staff will attempt to keep on top of this!