I think the time is right to bring Canada greatest living patriot to Winnipeg for the half time show.

He will not only have everyone on their feet singing the praises of our wonderfull country, he will also help us forget the embarassment of last years half-time show. :thup:

last time it was in wpg it was some cheesy canadian rap band, long since forgotten.
stompin tom might be a little bit old for the cfl target audience
the act should definitely be canadian. nickleback, the tragically hip. i think brian adams rocked in Regina. or, with the Trailer Park Boys movie out, something from Canada's rock past. Hell, it's Winnipeg. We all know what classic rock act they should get.

No, Stompin Tom appeals to all generations not just us old pharts. Go to one of his concerts there is as much of a teen/young adult following as the geriatric generation. I guarantee there would be more hand clapping and foot stompin than any head banger or bug music act. Remember the Grey Cup audience runs the gamit of age groups which is why the Black Eyed Pees(not a typo) were universally panned last year.

tpb.. that movie is a disgrace.

Why not have Rita McNeil do the halftime show?... just hope she doesnt have a wardrobe malfunction...

Be afraid, be very afraid. I won't be able to sleep tonight...!!
Or possibly eat tomorrow....

Previous Cup committees have tried to land Stompin' Tom, but the fees he asks are apparently too steep.

Helix, on the other hand, would probably do it for free beer and some end zone seats. Go Helix!

I didn't mind the Black Eye Peas. It was a nice change to having to listen to canadian rock retreads all the time. It seems most of the groups that play the grey cup are all 70's rock bands, or a lip syncing tart that only feels cdn when there is money involved. At least the Peas were different.
If you can't get a top of the line cdn group, why not see if you can grab a international band that is at the top of the charts at the time.
As for cdn groups: Nickel Back
International: Green Day

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The ratings would drop faster than her clothes!

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I shouldn't be so nasty

Ah, so your the one.

Stompin Tom? This is a joke right? May as well invite some of the better local performers from the "Western Hour".

Completly agree. Drop the pathetic Canadian rock bands.

Rap music is horrid. If I want to listen to Rap Music, I'll open my window at night and listen to the racoons play in the metal dumpsters.

You have raccoons near your house?

When I visit my son in Abbotsford, he lives near a ravine. If your garbage cans don't have the lids on tight, the front lawn becomes a dining room.


Obviously you've never had racoons at you house.

Can you trap one for me and send it to me?

Nope. BTW, I live in a cave.