Stolen Game...again?

There has to be a last place team in a 8 team league and hamilton happened to be the team-- Now the league is building them back up as the flagship franchise--

They want Hamilton to make the playoffs and do well, and not lose any home games, if they lose home games they will get 15,000 fans--

NFL is here and Cohon knows that they need fans and the only way fans will come to the gaems if Hammy beat CGY, and he made sure that would happen at any cost including extructing the refs to call a few fouls on CGY in the 4th qtr.

regardless of who is deciding to make these choices they are being made...every hamilton fan who has commented about the hit is only lieing to themselves. i saw that reply...the commentators saw it...and it was clear and they made it clear the call was wrong. the eastern cfl has sucked for what 6 years now. the executive of the league are primarily...easteners? how hard is it to believe that there isnt a biased. its a lot easier to believe than hamilton actually being able to secure these wins. everyone says that calgary never deserved that win and the defense owned them...they one by one lucky touchdown catch. you didnt blow us out. we played the worst game of our season and still almost beat you. hammy is not a good team and everyone knows it. but their own fans. you fanatics on here that all claim that the dirty, cheating teams from the west are out to bully you guys...its a contact sport. if porter cant handle that im sure theres a flag football league he join. he whined and cried till the ref called it...but once the flag flew...he mysteriously was healed. he was sliding...but it wasnt feet first and he got tackled. if it was up to you losers from ontario there would be no contact in this game. seriously if you cant handle the hard hitting teams from the west than you dont deserve to win. porter is a joke. hamilton is a joke. the officiating is a joke. in a whole the cfl itself is a joke.

I clearly forgot the rules of this forum

Sadly being a fan for 25 years I must agree that the CFL product is a complete joke now, Mike Biship should not be in this league throwing 4 int’s and then laughing on the sidelines–

THe receivers cannot catch, how many drops are there in games? On easy catches, its hits them right in the hands–

The quality has gone to bush league status–

yeah right,

NFL players NEVER EVER, NOT ONCE! drop passes!!

QB's in the NFL never ever laugh at themselves for bad throws or Picks.. THEY'RE ALWAYS SERIOUS!!



ok pal, NOW you're just reaching in thin air for anything you can use to insult the intelligent people, cause clearly you are not one of them!

how they get there is irrelevant. there is not a good ref in the cfl and to argue otherwise is ridiculous. you people are all missing the point of the post. crappy officiating. and it becoming decisive in the outcome of games. honestly i dont care why they do it...they are still doing it. im tired of watching it. you dont see this in the nfl, why do you in the cfl. you dont see this type of officiating in any other pro league on earth. we have amateurs working PRO games. this has to stop. either the training has to be increased or the rating systems. they are flag happy with major fouls and pass interference calls. calgary might not have marched and scored but it wasnt the hamilton d that denied them, it was a supposedly objective ref. if hamilton forced a two and out there would be no complaint but this official took it into his own hands to end the game. this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished like it has in the past games. any ref get fined or punished for screwing montreal? no not a thing. they had a conference and that was all. serious there is no system of checks and balances for the refs. without this there is never going to be objective officiating in all games like there should be. the refs seemed to be upset when hamilton failed the third down attempt. like how could we mess up on giving them extra yards...they had trafalis in the backfield. the proof is there...not of conspiracy but of shoddy and dishonest officiating for whatever reason.

blah blah blah.. another Stampeders fan crying because they lost.

you be referee, you see how difficult it is to maintain a perfect game!

come on, I dare ya.

...then you do admit mistakes are made... for your first statement, dangerously close to being erased buddy as this is the stamp forum and a stampeder fan can pretty much say what they want without receiving a comment like that in this case, unless GraysonB asks me to remove it as he may perceive it to be insulting, I'm going to let it stand because it shows how immature you are in conversation...

i have officialed many different sports at many different levels. i understand this and for you to call me a whining fan is completely ignorant. i have mentioned that teams from the east have been screwed. EVERY team is getting screwed. if you think the officiating is tolerable you either are blind or have no knowledge of the game. these are revolting calls. i counted 5 missed holding calls for hamilton and about 3 for calgary that were right in the play and than two major fouls cause a pissing american qb cant handle the contact...didnt he play in the ncaa, how did he learn to be such a little bitch. the call was wrong and wasnt even close. this is a mockery of the game of football. and you are a mockery as well to assume that these are human mistakes...the holding calls. they are mistakes. this was blatant. and it happens every game...and i watch every game. teams i despise are victim to this as well. and i have been vocal about it then...i have only just recently found this forum and the calgary game was the last straw. please have a solid arguement before posting back and not just being an ignorant pot stirrer, who comes here to berate other fans because he himself has no knowledge of the game or no other enjoyments in life. im entitled to my opinion and as are you...but you refuse to give us that other than im a whiner...please come up with another arguement...this one is getting old

i do find it insulting that no one can come up with an i would love to have a mature and honest discussion...unfourtantly all these people can do is try and personally insult me...i have no wish to have the posts deleted as i know and everyone else you have proved...that they are in the wrong and immature. i am a firm believer in freedom of expression however and have no wish to have any posts deleted...thank you tho red and white for your consideration

ok I was an official for Football for 5 seasons!

and I refereed beside a number of them who are now in the CFL..

I can easily name them

Rob Skaggs
Jim Koshman
Darryl Baron
Rob Hill

and one that no longer referees

And trust me, these guys are extremely talented and very very good officials. they know what they are doing.

but the thing you MUST realize is that referees are far from perfect! even the best ones out there do not see every call, every hold, every facemask, every PI, it's impossible!

these guys are doing a very difficult job! as from what you're telling me, you can attest to it!

if you can honestly explain that you expect the referee to call every Hold out there, then you truly are fooling yourself! they cannot possibly see everything!

and you have got to understand that not every official is suppose to look at every area during a play...

certain referees have duties and can't call some penalties.

sideline officials look after offsides, procedures.. out of bounds type calls.

the Referee looks for holding and penalties against the Quarterback..

the Umpire also looks for Holding and facemasks, etc.

they're not suppose to be looking for offsides and procedures (unless they're extremely obvious)

Downfield officials that are 20-30 yards deep, only worry about receivers and DB's.. for Pass Interference, Illegal contact, facemasks, unnecessary hits..

you can't possibly expect all 7 officials to be able to call 1 penalty.

how can the Main Referee call a penalty that's 40 yards away from him?

he CAN'T!? because he is not in position to do so!

you fail to realize that this thing called Refereeing is soo extremely difficult to do that you are bound to make mistakes.

I'd love to hear about your time as a Football referee..

see how often you made mistakes, accidentally called a penalty that wasn't one. missed a play because of poor positioning.

tell me please!

im not here to swap stories...again if your not willing to read my origional post (seeing as how i started this thread) and the other comments ive left than dont comment. i have dealt with your issue many times in this discussion. im not asking for all the holding calls to be made. im saying that when it comes to that major foul...or the PI in the endzone against hamilton, they do not need to be made and its not hard not to make them. also why is it than if they are not supposed to call flags on something "40 yards away" as you put it...why does this happen often...your arguement is pathetic and repetitive. please im looking for a new arguement but you people are like a broken record. i dont want your life story. the refereeing is pathetic compared to every other pro league in the world today...and this is comparable. your kidding yourself to say they are not butchering games this this year is worse than any other i can remember. but you know them so your obviously objective. thanks for your opinion but its irrelevant to this thread

that's what you think.. but you're already biased before you even started it.

I think you're full of it.

btw, Porter was hurt because the guy landed on his head while he was bent over.. that hurts. he didn't fake nothing.

give you head a shake.

there's no profit in having any CFL games "Fixed" besides you think they wouldn't have found this out by now?

all it takes is one Media giant to start publishing a story in the newspaper and then Football in Canada would be dead.

there's no profit in even doing it.. that's why the idea of suggesting the Games are fixed, is so ludicrous.

it hurts but he played the part...and it was completely legal and i think your a fuckin loser but i didnt bring that into the obviously have no other arguement and like everyone else has sunk to personal sorry you cant find a flaw in my arguement. if you have nothing productive to add but insults again find another thread please im trying to be polite and allow for a discussion but no one is willing to be mature about anything this is obviously a lost cause...its sad to think that you are the only one who finds the time to voice an opinion.

because your claims are outrageous.. you have no proof and you can't validate anything.

that's the bottom line.

show me proof.

watch the hamilton the montreal bc game...what more proof do you want are you simple? have you never watched a game? what is your not claiming conspiracy im claiming piss poor officiating. give your head a shake and go do something more productive than giving me a headache with your dumb posts. all you have succeeded in is making yourself out to be a moron congratulations

i watched them yes, but I know more football then you can ever dream of.

i'm not the moron here.

i know how difficult it is to referee. so I don't go crazy to criticize them, I did it I know it's not easy.

I realize that there have been mistakes.. but I don't need to go as far as to post on here and bitch about it.

because you can't do anything to change it. except go be referee and be better than those.

or get 100,000 people or so to all sign a piece of paper declaring to the CFL that they improve their officials.

otherwise, you're just blowing a tonne of hot air to nobody.

All I gotta say is the league tries too hard to "protect the quarterbacks". 4 out of 5 qb hits get called for "roughing the passer" penalties, when realistically maybe 2 should have been called.

And I've always said (although most of you haven't heard me), Andre Proux is the worst ref in the league, especially after Jake Ireland retired.