Stolen Game...again?

I can comment on this because I personally know that ref who made the call. He had a major attitude problem when he played touch football. He was arrogant as shit, and actually a good guy off the field--

But i just still cant believe he is REFFING now as he was the GUY who would hold the CHAINS for the FIRST DOWN, and he had graduated to a REF--

Knowing him personaly I can say that he is the type of official who wants to make a difference and get involved in the game--

That was a clear no call late in the game, and he made the call--

He has a little case of small man syndrome- he is tiny only 5'4 so he has typical small mans syndrome and wants to get involved in the outcome--

Also lets discuss the calls--

All the calls made vs visiting teams are DIRECT calls that change the GAME BIGTIME--

The late hit on GEORGE was on 2nd down and would have been a PUNT--

The interference on AMADI was on 2nd down and would have been a PUNT-

The late HIT On anderson was going to be a PUNT and resulted in HAMMY running the clock out--

The bad spot on the 3rd down was a complete JOKE, what part of YARDAGE LOST did the REFS not get there and spot the ball 4 inches short when it was CRYSTAL CLEAR that TRAFALIS lost yards on that sneak---

VS edmonton conveniently when RICKY RAY is throwing a TD pass there is HOLDING---

THen on another key 2nd down conversion there is HOLDING AGAIN--

THen on another 2nd down key conversion there is HOLDING AGAIN--


I go by the facts and am keeping a close eye on officials and the fact that BET 365.NET is a major sponsor of the CFL, there is some shenanaghans going on with the CFL--

that is funny about the small mans syndrome but that doesnt explain every other ref in the league. :stuck_out_tongue: there has to be change this cannot continue. everyone who is telling me im whining. ill wait for your teams to lose like that and see how you react. calgary cannot stop the run, are weak agianst the pass, cannot seem to keep an offensive passing game going. the only real star player is reynolds. copeland obviously is an amazing receiver but theres no one else to take the spotlight off him so that he can get open. cgy needs to turn things around. as far as coaching. cortez is the best o corodinater in the leauge and huffy is the best head coach in the league. im not a fan of jones but its not the coaching at all. its injuries in key places( rambo, labinjo, browner and now thelwell) but most of all its players not willing to step up and play. ralph hasnt seen more than 3 passes a game all year. and how does nick lewis not have a td. burris is locking onto his recievers and this makes it easy to cover. cgy is not in a good place...but that doesnt make the call any better.

i would have had the same issue. my issue is not with this game but the entire year
Obviously this post comes from the disgusting major foul called on calgary in the last two minutes of the game against hamilton tonight
seriously read whats being posted or dont bother jumping into the discussion
but once again the officiating stole a game from a team
im not claiming its calgary thats getting screwed by officiating, you are right that was a very soft call, but to hand out 15 yard major fouls
Obviously this post comes from the disgusting major foul called on calgary in the last two minutes of the game against hamilton tonight
Uh huh, care to try again?
I am not a CALGARY FAN , so I am objective and have noticed in the 4th qtrs vs EDMONTON and CGY every single FLAG went vs Edmonton and CGY---
Riiight and all fans whine about bad call against the Stamps
THE SPOT??? Trafalis clearly lost yardage on the 3rd down sneak and the refs have the ball marked inches short? Then the refs RELUCTANTLY point that its CGY's ball----
And YET they stiill call it Calgary ball, but the fix is in, THAT has to be the most IDIOTIC thing I have ever read in ANY team forum in my entire time registered here
Also Thelwell was getting abused on some plays and NIK LEWIS was being grabbed by OTIS FLOYD---
Apparaently so was Burris, Floyd had his way with him , fun to watch IMO
I am not saying CGY is not committing penalties but from what I can see the refs dont call them vs HAMMILTON because the league wants HAMMY To win, they had only 19,000 fans, they need more fans and know if they lose they will have less fans-
I'm REALLY curious as to how tonights attendance has ANY bearing on what you claim to be a conspiracy against ALL Western teams, LED by the biggest conspiracy against the Stampeders, has anything to do with this thread
Bottom line is Hamilton does not get penalized in the 4th qtr of home games at home
Of course this has NOTHING to do with the Cats having the BEST defense in the 4th Q of ALL team though!!

ALL game there were call’s that were missed! heck the ref couldn’t even say Hamilton, kept calling us AMIL TON haha:) What bout the HORRRRRIIBBLLEEE pass interference in the end zone? It was so obvious it stank! I think it was the cats D played well keep pressure on Burris! and kept him out of his butt kicking mode:) good game non the less! I’m still cheering for Stamps in the west :slight_smile:

The offensive attack for CGY is so simple and is basically predicated on the playaction to REYNOLDS---

They understand that BURRIS is a terrible drop back passer and cannot read defenses at all. SO they are making it so simple by designing quick passes and plays that are wide open--

It was too bad that Hamilton actually knew that Burris might keep the ball and actually had OTIS Floyd and others hit him and account for him--
You see playing vs EDMONTON is like playing vs a high school team. I was at the Edmonton game and CGY ran the same play over 20 times in a row and EDMONTON has no clue how to stop it--

If teams are smart you can beat CGY if you blitz a linebacker and have him on BURRIS MAN TO MAN-- Hammy was doing that with FLOYD who sacked Burris twice in a row on that critical drive---

This team has no speed at receiver, NIK LEWIS has no speed anymore, Copeland is great but has limited speed vs triple coverage--

Titus RYAN is a major bust, I dont know about this Jackie CHAN or Jackie Chambers guy, i think Jermaine Jackson should be starting ASAP--

They dont even let Burris drop back anymore, they are running a wishbone offense where Burris does not have to make too many complicated reads----

CGY is fading i agree and can be beaten by physical teams, look at how many times they FUMBLE vs hard hittign teams.

try what again smart guy. im explaining everything your arguing but you refuse to acknowledge it. your as ignorant as every other person from the east. your team won but only with the help of the officials. stamps have been known for the 4th quarter rallies. but they were denied that. also edmonton was denied the same chances to win against hamilton. montreal was deprived of a win over bc. this is a common occurance in this league and needs to be changed.

and in regards to cats_n_pac, i agree. the entire game was horseshit officiating and your D came to play (other than reynolds running all over the feild, but that didnt seem to have an impact on the game) but calgary should have had a chance to make a comeback. and the refs took that away, not your defense, that is what im concerned about. if porter had got first down yardage good on him but he didnt. as well tho im cheering for hamilton in the east, and that ref is always a douche, i hate his accent haha.

i agree that they are playing scared, but your wrong about burris. he is able to read the D but only when he isnt constantly being flushed from the pocket. he is no good at passing on the run, thats common knowledge. so by keeping floyd on henry they were able to take the game. thats just good prep by hamilton. and if you think the quick passing game is only for qbs who cant read defences than you have no knowledge of offensive theory. the quick pass game is used to change the speed of the game and get on a roll. it makes the safties and linebackers cheat and allow you to eventually hit one deep. which calgary did but the throw was either dropped or off by enough to make an incompletion. hamilton better tighten up on the run tho. reynolds had a hayday out there and looked great as usual.

Perhaps having Bet as a sponsor can explain so many of the bizzare finishes in the games--

having a sportsbook on your goal pads is not good ---

I wonder if the CFL is now fixed-- It can be so easily-- The refs can be had so easily by BET

ya it cant look good when your sponsor is a gambling profiteering company. but what about the cfl does look good. shitty officials, nfl washouts or convicts, shady sponsors. nothing is looking good for this league. im thinking a revamping of executives is in order including cohon or whatever the comissioners name is. if not this league is going to resemble the nhl....and that is going to be a very sad day

It makes me want to scream when I hear people say the refs favor one team or another. With the speed of the game sometimes and the technolgy nowadays to have several different replays within seconds of the live play, the refs have enough pressure to try to get the call right! How could you think after all the things the refs have to think about in a split second that they would add another factor (eg. Oh yeah, this is th Tiger Cats so I need to call it differently). Give me a break!

Well then since you have spoken I guess this is a non issue :roll: and being handled internally by your and your minions.

Sour Grapes He lead with his head on a QB..
The Flag was the Right Call.
Porter was Sliding ..


I got news for you pal..

there are a large # of referees in the CFL that are from ALBERTA! :o

yea shocking I know!...

LOL, now don't go letting facts, for heaven's sake, get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. . .

THe one who made the bad cal was from Ontario, and also the Head REF was also from Montreal , the one who pronounced AMILTON and NOt hamilton…

THe officials are basically jokes, I am sure I could apply and be reffing in a few years for sure–

They are all either short and fat stumpy looking dudes. How come we dont see any tall athletic looking officials?

How come there are so muscular officials in the CFL? Its because they have these little know it all stumpy small man syndrome guys who think they are a big deal and want to influence games.

In reality these refs are pretty much touch football REFS trying to ref a PRO sports. Its clear when they call late hits, most of the time they are guessing and antcipating if a player is hit late–
THey are also playing vs CGY reputations as a tough team and looking for those type of fouls which is wrong also–

The reffing is a Joke, its also there to even some of the teams out, for some reason Hamilton is the chosen team of the CFL, the commissionner must be from Hamilton or have some kind of interest in hamilton because its clear that the league is not allowing any VISITING team to come in to Ivor Whyne stadium and leave with a WIN–

It makes sense they get embarassed in week 1 at home to Toronto-- Fans are pissed and boycotting the team, and they may be close to bankruptcy and they will lose the team–
CFL knows they cannot play with 7 teams, so they basically instruct the REFS to ensure that every call goes hamiltons way and to watch visitor teams closer in the 4th qtr of games----

This is what is happening. Hamilton is getting every single lucky imaginaable call ever at home–

It could all be coincidental calls or it could be what I have stated above.

Okay now what constitutes a Conspiracy Theory?

A conspiracy theory is basically any theory that the Masses of public do not believe. Whatever the CFL and COHON have stated that the CFL is a PRO league with integrity and so forth. SO in typical fashion the uninformed general public assumes that everything is on the up and up and there is no shenanaghans going on in the CFL--

So the CFL is basically like an HONEST CHURCH---

Any other theory or what I like to call REALITY is quickly called a Conspiracy Theory-- The facts are there, bet 365.NET is a British Bookmaker who offers the biggest LIVE BETTING in the World on Sports events. They have hired a Canadian to set their LIVE betting lines on CFL GAMES.

There is no Command CEntre, people beleive that shit-- THe call goes directly to the CFL not to a COmmand Centre with a ref sitting in it. THe leauge makes the correct calls for how the game needs to play out--
Ex- BC GAME vs MONTREAL-- End of that game was blundered up, but in reality it was all a plan to get BC the WIN--

Gambling drives sports, THe CFL used to be LEGIT, but as soon as offshore gambling BEt and Bowmans got involved the shadiness started. It is the league that is known for players betting on games as well. Why do you think there are limits on CFL games everywhere. A really big bet on a CFL game attracts tons of attention and is investigated in a large bookmaker operation.

THe CFL is a business Affiliated with British Bookmakers, and now all the weird finishes- THE CFL has to enter the gambling world because they know no AMeriacns will watch it otherwise. So many Americans watch the CFL now but only to BET ON IT--

THE CFL is becoming stricly a GAMBLING league, cause the play lets face it sucks, no one catch, no one can block--

its a gamblers league, even players are known to be betting on games as well-- That is reality,

Yep, I believe all that. . . and that the moon landing was a hoax. . .

But seriously. . . i there was one ounce of reality there. . . how do you explain that for the past several YEARS the Tiger-Cats have been easily the WORST team in the league?????? How in the world did these nefarious conspirators allow that to happen? Were they all asleep at the switch? Or was there another, , different, conspiracy at work in those seasons to favour some other team? Oh do please enlighten us. . . and don't bother supplying any evidence or proof or anything of that nature, it would reduce the humour quotient in all this.

Hamilton was a bad team with a lame duck coach in Charlie Taffe that came for the money, but then he realized that the tigercats sucked. HE publically stated his team has NO TALENT. Then he left and got a job in NCAA football.

Last year they had Printers and no talent on Defense and a BAD O line-- They were in dissarray--

This happens when you cant scout and prepare a team and have a good head coach--

Now they have a good team, Hamilton is good, but they are still stealing WINS vs Edmonton and now vs CGY--

Do you normally see players on CGY going crazy running after officials? They know it also? THe players are not DUMB, they know the Refs are betting also--

I still want to know how a British Bookmaker who I know very well gets to be a major sponsor with the CFL?????

This is absurd? What kind of people now have influence in the CFL? It is clear that games are being Fixed, with all the controversary.

There is a chosen side that the league needs to win.

Hamilton and Toronto suck because they are not real footballl teams. Players come there and treat is like flag football, including coaches also. NO one cares to play there. Now the player turnaround is so fast, players last like 2 seasons in the CFL now a days- SO that brings the incentive to gamble way up also. Playing at Hamilton was like a circus last few seasons. Players were yelling to other players on the sideleins DONT QUIT-- waht losers.

Some players dont even both playing when they show up to hamilton, they just go back home unemployed.