Stolen Game...again?

once again while watching a CFL game...i`ve witnessed the game decided on a blown call by an official...why do we put up with the poor officiating of the CFL. I understand they are only human...but there has to be a line...there has not been a consistent game all season. Obviously this post comes from the disgusting major foul called on calgary in the last two minutes of the game against hamilton tonight...there needs to be reform of some kind...this cannot continue

Don’t be such a poor loser the refs had nothing to do with the game and Hamiltons big win, they played a great game and don’t take that away from them, the call you mention should have been called ealier! Burris sucked and the Stamps are ripe for the picking, can’t wait until its the Riders turn :slight_smile: Ti Cats are back could get interesting in the east

im very excited myself for the rising of hamilton once again, and im also not worried about losing...if its without the officials making an impact on the game, this happens to teams all over the country and not just calgary, the officiating of the CFL on a whole is embarrassing week in and week out and has been a problem for a long time...look at the montreal bc game...montreal should have won that game...but once again the officiating stole a game from a team

It was a DUMB penalty, but you have Dwight Anderson to blame, not the refs. It was roughing and it was the second time a Stamps player put a lick on Porter as he was sliding FEET FIRST. You simply can not do that. On top of that, he was sliding out of bounds. Good call.

It definitely hurt the Stamps chance of a comeback but to say the game was DECIDED by that penalty is an over statement. They were still down by a touchdown even if that penalty wasn't called. Hamilton may have took a safety and kicked off but the Stamps still had to score an offensive touchdown - something they didn't do all game long. In fact, they scored only three points after the first quarter. So saying that one call decided the game is absurd.

for one he was not feet first on this play and also it was not dwight anderson who made the hit, also they had scored a touchdown but thats not the point, the stampeders were denied an excellent showing by their defense, and giving their offense a chance, porter faked hurt so that the official would throw a flag. this is piss poor officiating at best, as usual in the CFL. you have obviously not knowledge of the topic...seeing as you didnt even know the player who was wrongfully penalized, so please become better informed before calling my statement absurd

Calgary did not play good enough to win. Statistically Burris looked bad but the fact was that there were too many dropped passes by the Calgary receivers. Cats gave up points early due to turnovers, and missed other opportunities to put points on the board. Overall the Cats outplayed the Stampeders.

I agree that the refs are not very consistent from game to game and often they do appear to impact the game. I find it unusual that refs close to the play let things go and yet refs 25 yards away call things. ie. pass interference by Hamilton after the first turnover. A soft call. Overall i think Hamilton probably benefited from the refs today, but lots of times they are on the opposite side of the calls.

i agree completely with you, im not claiming its calgary thats getting screwed by officiating, you are right that was a very soft call, but to hand out 15 yard major fouls that easily is ridiculous. i spotted many holding calls that were right in the thick of the play, for both teams, that were not called. if its not going to get called than take it out of the rules (im obviously not serious, but if your not going to call them than whats the point of being out there as an official?) my concern is not for this single game...its for the league as a whole, there needs to be some kind of change. again i understand that they are human but thats not the problem. there isnt a pro sports league on earth that has as poor officiating as the CFL.

LOL you whine just like RedandWhite, remember when Porter fumbled and you guys recovered on the 5yard line?, yea, there was a 2 hander to the HEAD of the QB, but hey who has the right to argue an officlai right?, oh then that other belt to the head Porter took, oh wait, no that wasn't a penalty, no, the feet first slide when the Calgary player once again belted Porter in the head got called but WASN'T a penalty... geez , if you two are gonna cry about BS calls why not add those 2 other calls...oh RIGHT they benefited you, I see how it goes... Nuff said!!!

Calgary's offense was OWNED by the Cats defense tonight... plain and simple.. quit crying!

again your obviously not reading everything...i have already said this has nothing to do with wins, i am talking about the officiating all year for every team. but once again another ignorant person has jumped in to the topic without knowing exactly what the discussion is. i would rather see calgary or any other team lose every time in a well officiated game than win in a joke of one. the discussion is of the crap officiating of the league. maybe hamilton did dominate the game...but if that wrong call had not been made it would have given the stampeders the chance they had earned to take a stab at tieing the game. similar to the time clock butchery in bc for montreal. a hold here and there or a pass interferance is one thing...but to call a major foul when in fact there was no reason to make that call...its game altering and the official has failed in his attempt to not have an impact on the game...the number one goal of officials in every league of every govern the rules of the game without affecting the outcome of the game

Let me start by saying that the refs aren't the problem, it's simple people who grab on to a popular saying and watch games through their preconceived notions.

The reffing isn't that bad. Yeah, they make a few bad calls here and there (the unnecessary roughness at the end of the game wasn't one of them, by the way), but that's to be expected.

I've watched NFL games with more and worse phantom calls + no-calls than I've ever seen in any CFL game. Plus, might I add that the NHL is by far the worst refereed league in existence (perhaps tied with the NBA)?

And yet, without fail, after every game on the tsn forums and on here I see posters complaining about how the CFL referees are bush-league + how it's no wonder people watch the NFL instead.

These people remind me of how simple minded us human beings can be. All it takes is a catchy jingle to dig its claws into our head and follow us around all day long. Complaints about CFL officiating are no different. In truth, they're more 'phantom' than any of the calls I've ever seen made in a CFL game.

I personally know that REF who made that call, he started out as a BALL BOY about 9 years ago in the CFL. He played touch football and was a real mouthpiece also--

I guess he was promoted to sidelines official but now he is throwing FLAGS all over the place. He is pretty stern and thinks he knows his stuff. He used to ref touch football games also--


Also check this out-- Hammy had only 19,00 fans--

Has anyone watched Hamilton home games, they get every possible call from the REFS to win their home games. vs edmonton they were calling back EDMONTON Td's and trying to make hamilton win the game---

In this game, that 3rd down where HAMMY was stopped short, they lost yards and the spot was like 4 inches short, also then the refs RELUCTANTLY pointed that it was CGY's ball--

Does not take a genius to figure out that the CFL NEEDS HAMILTON TO DO WELLL and is giving them all the calls at HOME-

This has happened in most of their HOME GAMES< its sickeing to watch, penalty after penatly vs CGY---

But this game is on JOHN CORNISH's shoulders and BRETT RALPH;s, these 2 guys cannot catch and drop passes that PROS should not DROP- if you are a PRO CATCH THE BALL --

Also Chris Jones was pretty lame today, he was rushing 4 guys and not sending any blitzes although the one time he did Porter hit BRUCE deep and he dropped it for a TD----

But he was not sending any pressure---

I dont understand why no teams cannot cover BRUCE, I know personally that 90% of the time he is running a POST CORNER< he always ends up at the CORNER---

ANd no CFL DB is smart enough to anticipate that, as you have help in the middle with the safety-- LIKE HOW ABOUT JUST RUNNING BACK TO THE CORNER as they are throwing a deep corner to him every play deep--

I think CGY is way too soft at receiver- They will struggle as they have no SPEED AT ALL--

ALso please CUT TITUS RYAN, he is fumble prone and a complete joke as a returner---

HOWELL can catch and wont fumble the ball.

oh good, we have conspiracy theorists on this board too?

tell me something...why is Toronto doing so bad these past few years? Wouldn't they be priority #1 with the Bills knocking on the door? You better get in touch with the head conspiracy practitioners and tell them to crack the whip on the refs doing Argos home games too.

In reality this CGY offense is a WISHBONE Offense. CGY will be in trouble if a team has the BRAINS to figure out that the should actually send a linebacker at the QB---

I believe CGY ran teh same play where Burris fakes the handoff to reynolds and keeps the ball and rolls out vs EDMONTOn about 70 times and EDMONTON is too dumb to figure it out--

Well otis FLOYD figured it out and pummeled Burris on a few plays--

CGY offense was looking good due to the fact they played Edmonton 3 times who is worst in the CFL In perhaps the last 10 years-

THey have no coaching at all--

This is the real CGY offense, they are not good passing team anymore without RAMBO--

Its not a conspiracy but the REFS get pumped up also when hammy is doing well and the majority of the refs are from eastern ontario.. They are biased to eastern teams--

I am telling you this--

Hammy is a joke, tehy wont win if the refs dont help them as much as possible..

Pretty hard to be “ignorant” about a topic as simple as a losing team’s fan whining about the officiating, you state this has NOTHING to do with wins, but you blame the loss of a game on a “phantom” call’s impact on the game with this little statement

once again while watching a CFL game…i`ve witnessed the game decided on a blown call by an official

… all the while IGNORING the 2 non calls during the game that benefited YOUR team, I am STILL waiting for you to acknowledge those calls in your "the ref’s are to blame " rant but yet you state this has nothing to do with your favourite team losing tonight, there is missed/bad calls in EVERY game, do you whine about those as well?? I watch EVERY game EVERY week and see that the ref’s are actually human, and yes they miss or make bad calls, yes there are some game altering calls, tonight, the cvall you complain about did NOT alter the outcome of the game so give it up!!

The officiating does suck, even after the REF called the late hit, why the big discussion???

IF its a flag then call the FLAG- why are you huddling up like idiots and discussing the play??

THE REF was flag happy and wanted to call that flag—

HE anticipated it, and should have picked the FLAG Up and said NO HIT TO THE HEAD-

agreed but the guy who posted before you is quite ignorant. NHL rules are ridiculous...but they are fairly consistent...they make the calls all the time, nfl refs are the same. its nearly the same from game to game, the reason there are àpparently more missed calls is because they play 5 times as many games in a season collectively. when you have 32 or 33 ( i cant remember off hand) teams in a league that happens. CFL officials are ridiculous, and its embarrassing to watch. and anyone who thinks that the ref didnt blow that major foul at the end of the game better have their head checked. there was no hit to the head...which is what was called, he was not hook sliding making him still in play, and he was still in bounds. the other one that was called was ridiculous as well. porter throws and then gets hit...just like burris was all day long. let the defense play, or the game will start to deteriorate like the nhl has already. Im with you on the whole hamilton has to win kind of thought. the commisioner is not very quite about his veiws on eastern teams and his hope for their incline into the leauge ranks again. montreal is always a good team. but its not our fault teams like winnipeg and toronto and hamilton cannot win games without officiating help. im all for more competition in the league but this is not how to obtain it. the onus is on the teams not the officials. and as for the the very last post before this, its common knowledge that hamilton needs the help. but they dont deserve it.

I am not a CALGARY FAN , so I am objective and have noticed in the 4th qtrs vs EDMONTON and CGY every single FLAG went vs Edmonton and CGY---

Lets see-- They called 3 holding penalties vs Edmonton and called back a TD in that game in the 4th qtr--

They called 2 late hits, one pass interference in this game---

THE SPOT??? Trafalis clearly lost yardage on the 3rd down sneak and the refs have the ball marked inches short? Then the refs RELUCTANTLY point that its CGY's ball----

Also Thelwell was getting abused on some plays and NIK LEWIS was being grabbed by OTIS FLOYD---

I am not saying CGY is not committing penalties but from what I can see the refs dont call them vs HAMMILTON because the league wants HAMMY To win, they had only 19,000 fans, they need more fans and know if they lose they will have less fans-

Bottom line is Hamilton does not get penalized in the 4th qtr of home games at home.

yes it did alter the game, like the time clock garbage in bc did for montreal. i hate montreal but am willing to admit they should have won that game. you are completely ignorant to everything that has been said. if it was reversed and hamilton lost. i would have had the same issue. my issue is not with this game but the entire year. seriously read whats being posted or dont bother jumping into the discussion