Stokes & Washburn

I just read the Argos have resigned Keith Stokes & Cliff Washburn. Can't the team find other players to fill gaps other than players who are retreads? Surely Mohns & Rita would have better resourses than this...Why cut Kenyetta Walker & then go out & sign Washburn?? You have Bethel Johnson to help the return game, why sign Stokes? I am also at a loss as to why promising receiver James Robinson is being converted to db..

I am losing faith the way this team has been run this season.....

They're scraping the bottom of the barrel with Stokes, he was washed up two years ago. I bet Bashir Leveningston would still be better than Stokes. Probably Steinauer would be a better addition even. Mathews must be living in the past, like about 5 years ago when Stokes was good at kick returns.

Washburn played some for the Argos in 2005 and then went to the NFL. He's still only 28 so they may think he can eventually take over one of the tackle spots.
Speaking of Walker, they dressed him for two games and never played him. I thought there was opportunities during those blow outs to see what he could do in game conditions. Maybe he left on his own and then they just released him.