Stokes returns East...

Looks like the Argos have signed Keith ....I've got kind of mixed feelings about him leaving....he says the Bombers offered him good coin to stay...but his family is in Montreal and that's why he left for TO....well good luck to him...exccept when he plays the Bombers... :wink:

that a surprise, thought Montreal would get him.

so guys, I'm not 100% on the players, but my big question is now, with the other talent the BB have, should I be worried that Stokes is gone?

Cuz I don't remember him being a big part of the team last season.

....well Kanga he was a game breaker... but.he also dropped the ball a lot...with AJ111 back ...we should be alright... :wink:

The loss of Stokes is big to our team but it’ll be alright. Hope is does good in TO, I hope we use the money we payed him wisley on some defence.

heard that we might be getting lingvington from Toronto, considering they won the GC in 2004 with him as a member of the team (I think), that great news for us. Finally getting the better end of a trade.

So good luck Stokes! See ya in the 2006 GC.

how do you knoe you'd be getting the better end?
He has a temper and a big salary

so what exactly had the argos had enough of, his temper, salary or both.....I dont really care about either, he is a game breaker back there and teamed with AJ3 would be the most feared pair in the league, the bombers should to get him I say.