Stokes for Karikari

wow...whats going on with the argos? getting rid of guys left right and center, now at least they got someone in return but dang, I would never have seen this much action comming from them. Never would have believed that the als would ship Karikari off either for a guy like stokes heres the link on the Stokes/Karikari trade

stokes sucks...argos won this deal.

I guess Ezra Landry is more injured than previously thought? But to trade a young, fast, proven Canadian safety for a guy who did nothing last year, and who is getting up there in age? Popp got fleeced.

Karikari is making good coin. So look for the Argos to cut Steinauer in TC.

Unless there are future considerations, the Argos won this trade. A young canadian DB for an old kick returner, what was Popp thinking.

The Argos D will definately look a little different this year, particularly if Steineur retires.

Ivory and Steineur are two original Ti-Cats that are a couple of examples of players who we lost due to the old ownership. Both had great careers in the CFL. I hated seeing these guys in Argo blue!!


Shocked me too!

I don't think Popp got fleeced, but I certainly wouldn't have traded Karikari. Stokes is an impact returner, but I would rather have an all-star-calibre Canadian player in the defensive secondary.

There may be something to the concerns about Ezra Landry's health (i.e. knee) that led to this decision. However, it remains to be seen how this shakes down. Will Stokes factor into the receiving corps for the Als in 2007? That may be a further justification for adding him...on value though, I think the Argos get the edge in this deal as it stands.

Oski Wee Wee,

Just maybe the Argos are saving their money for something BIG down the road.

Of all CFL teams, Argos had rarely been bothered by the supposed cap so for them to suddenly look like it matters AND with the Grey Cup in TO next year, well...

Somethings up :?

A 1st string Canadian for a platooning American? IMO, Argos win this one.

However, losing Ivory will hurt them. He can still play at a high level. I'm sure he'll be picked up.

Overall, these changes plus dropping England, Bonner and Soward can't be good for the team. They'll be trying to insert a lot of new faces into a lineup that they want to take to the Grey Cup. I'm getting worried.

An Argo fan

As you well know Barney, the Argos need to get younger and cheaper now that the SMS is in place this year. Guys like Leron Mitchell, Riall Johnson, Byron Parker and some new faces will have to step up and most likely a new starting QB.

Hard to believe this trade was made between division rivals who have battled it out in the Eastern Division Finals since 2002. It would almost be likened to the Red Sox & Yankees trading with each other. Advantage Argos.

I'm hoping that the Argos are cutting salary to make a big pitch for Casey Printers. If they get Printers, I think they'll ask Damon to retire thus saving his salary as well. But thus far, they've dropped some decent players. Ivory and England can still play in my opinion and Bonner can still be a useful player too. I just hope Pinball and Rita know what they're doing or I may be coming to even more TiCat games next season.


An Argo fan

Has any one bothered to look at Stokes' career stats? He played well for Montreal and well for Winnipeg!!! Maybe just maybe, the Argos didn't utilize him the way they should've. I think that the trade was pretty even and Karikari wanted to head to Toronto anyway!

maybe the argos COULDN'T utilize him cuz he was OVERWEIGHT this season....scratch 'maybe'.

Trust me they tried and painfully. Levingston split all the returns with Stokes. Stokes was actively involed in the passing game, unfortunatly leading to a few dropped passes, fumbles and an unusual number of overthrows. He really can't jump well. Maybe he did weigh too much.