Stokes back in Blue

...bluengold that is....Bombers had Keith Stokes at practice today ....looked to be in shape....and eager to return (punts) that is....Keith was probably brought in for some insurance in the long as he has some of the old return magic...i think its a good addition...goBigBlue... :thup:

amazing, they let him go, and then they bring him back.... sheesh

... he was in T.O's camp this year...but was let go....he wasn't happy about that turn of events...maybe he'll have something special for Pinball and his crew this weekend.... :lol:

Good decision. hopefully Stokes has the magic he did a few years ago.

So much for Willie Foster lol.

you guys have homles back

Stokes is a very versatile player. With the bombers new import kicker (heard he nailed 4 of 6 fifty yarders into the wind today at practice) they need a guy like Stokes for the ratio.

stokes wasnt in torontos camp this year.

Last year, yes....he was cut in the off season.

He was traded to the Als for Karikari last December.
Both players were released by their new teams

...sorry....he was traded in Dec. and released that is correct... :wink:

How does Stokes help your ratio?

Back in the day we used to keep James Sykes around town just in case Reeves got a nick... I think this is very smart to have this kind of veteran security especially since he can do so many things.

stokes was cut by the alouettes, because he was too fat, he had a gut, the kid is only 5’6’’ so if he gains weight, its gonna show.

hes actually 5'8

Sykes was a poor example of a player at that/this stage of his career, so is Stokes.


Lets see Toronto lets Stokes go, then 7 months later they sign a washed up Millington. Makes perfect sense to me! :roll: :roll: :roll:

I heard Millington didn't pass the physical...any confirmation on that from anyone?

Dont think there is any truth to that rumor on the web as I checked thorougly for you. This was the only article with recent relevance.

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Maybe he passed the physical, obviously they didn't test his football IQ!

i for one cant wait to see this guy take the field for the big blue again, especially since hes back in shape...

come one hour and a half left.... stupid clock refuses to move fast

bombers shoulda signed Levingston.