....the ARGOS signed Keith Stokes....sorry to see him go and wish him all the best in the double blue....I wonder what is going to happen to Brashir Levingston now....he'll be looking for a home... :roll:

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Keith Stokes finally is coming to Toronto.

A deal that had apparently fallen through between the versatile returner and the Argos on Saturday came to fruition yesterday. It's expected to be officially announced today.

Stokes played the last two years in Winnipeg and had a standing offer to return to the Blue Bombers. He had also had discussions with Montreal, where he played for the first two years of his career before being traded to Winnipeg.

"It just felt like it was the right decision for me to make (to sign with Toronto)," he said in a phone interview yesterday. "Everybody I talked to said it's a great organization. I'm not saying Winnipeg wasn't a good organization. It was good to me. In the end, it's about business. It just seems where I need to be at this point in my career and my life."

Playing in Toronto will allow him to be closer to his off-season home in Montreal and his two-year-old daughter.

"That played a factor," Stokes said. "Being away from her in Winnipeg was tough last year. I got to see her a little bit, but being closer will be a lot better for me. If we get two or three days off, I can drive back (to Montreal) or take the train. If I was in Winnipeg, I can't do that.

"There's some things (in life) you can't understand -- it just is -- and this is one of them. Everybody's offer was basically the same, give or take $5,000 or $10,000."

Stokes posted single-season career highs for catches (58) and receiving yards (832) last season. Three of his catches were for touchdowns. He had 79 punt returns for 862 yards and one touchdown, and 47 kick returns for 1,022 yards.

Stokes's addition will almost certainly lead to the exodus of Bashir Levingston, who is one of his friends. The two were roommates when they tried out for Miami in 2003. Levingston is arguably the most dangerous returner in the league and clearly the best returner the Argos have had since the retirement of Pinball Clemons in 2000. Unlike Stokes, Levingston hasn't been able to demonstrate his versatility other than as a returner despite repeatedly asking.

The Argos told Levingston about two weeks ago they wanted to restructure his contract, suggesting a pay cut from his salary of $125,000 a year.

"I'm happy for Stokes, he's my boy, that's cool for him," Levingston said. "That's the way the game goes. I'd appreciate it if I get my release as soon as possible. No hard feelings. I'll play somewhere and still be productive and still be the best at what I do."

Levingston is weird, I think if he didn't dance around as much, he would be better than he is, and he is very good. My thinking he might have a bit of an attitude problem and doesn't listen very well. Just my opinion on him.

....funny thing is a lot of the fans in TO....didn't like the way Levingston was returning punts out of the end zone....sometimes running laterally as far as forward.....well wait till they get a load of how Stokes returns punts....and has a penchant for dropping the least Brashir held on to the football....anyway they are still game breakers....wish them both good luck with their new teams... :arrow:

Is Keith Stokes overrated? Think about it...

I don't think he's overrated, I would've like to see the riders pursue him as a reciever, but Shivers seems to be asleep this offseason.. He's got speed, can catch, and is a generally versatialle player. If he is overrated, for someone who was third or fourth or whatever in total yards in the CFL last year, he's a pretty good overrated player.. Just wondering what the Argos are going to do about their cap space.. Between them and Edmonton.. I'm not sure how they do it, but somehow they do.

Stokes overrated..I think not, he did slump a liitle towards the end of the season in return yards.
What he lacked in return yards, he made up for in receptions...key receptions...
Sorry to see him leave, best of luck in Argo land...your a champ Stokes..

Ya those receptions really helped the team get inot a playoff position not!

....I liked Keith....except when he coughed the ball up...he made some great receptions....and one play he dragged a defender into the end-zone for the td......but he couldn't be played in the Bomber scheme the way he wanted....maybe To. will be the answer.. :arrow:

Your right pappa Stokes is a waste of a receiver position.

any word out of cowtown when you might sign levingston rw05.....

i think its a good thing that hes gone he realyl had no use in winnipeg

Actually there is a rumor but no foundation to it. I think they are looking for Canadians this year and will go the route like last year finding a diamond amongst the stones Barker brings in. I am hoping for you guys that Taman does the same thing and not rely on FA's because there just is not much out there but a few.

too bad, I think he would be a good fit for the stamps.......agree on the FA signings, it is getting a little thin now, rumor has it Taman will be bringing in some nfl castoffs......whoopie....

Thats hope for you guys they will be better then last years crops of nobodies.
I think that is the main reason I dislike Taman was that last year he brought in nobodies and told the bomber fans these guys would most likely have starting jobs. Sure Daely had say in who goes but wow they could not have been very good. You look what Barker brought in for the Stamps not FA's.

but the stamps were very well coached, at every position, you cant say the same about the bombers, the defenders didnt even know where to line up most nights, that is just sad at any level.....

For sure! The Bombers last year reminded me of the transition Stamps. I remember last spring many fans were laughing at red and I about how good the team was but was missing a few good men. Well we all know now that can change. I do not think Taman is the type of GM that can find raw talent. Sure he has done the hit and miss thing but it is taking way to long.

actually, I am not so sure about that, we have had some very talented teams under his tenor, we just havent been able to hold onto them, and that all comes back to the money issue.....but the secondary problems should have been addressed long ago, that is his fault for not having the foresight to do something about it...

Yes salary let some good player get away but the DB issues has plagued this team for a long time. Marlborough was good but he was easily replaced byt the new comers Barker dug up. That is the point if Barker can find these guys what the hell is Taman doing.

i would be very surprised if malbrough even sees the field this season, unless he returns to form, the bombers will be going with some of the young guys at corner, what they really need is a safety......Marshall will get the most out of these guys......