.Stoddard released

...He sure put in a lot of good years for the BigBlue....never realizing his potential, in my view....Great hands and clutch go-to-guy....just never had the speed....So long Jamie...You were a good one... :thup:

This surprises me; I never thought that Winnipeg used him enough..........I always considered him a sort of Ben Cahoon Junior.....same style, same desire.......not quite as good as Cahoon, but certainly a good Canadian receiver, and usually pretty dependable.

I agree Madjack. I thought they under used him as well.

As did I fellows, they definately should have been starting him in 05(better then all those chump recievers except Milt).. maybe in 06 as well over O'neil Wilson.

Almost starting to look like an expansion team

No offense, MJ, but 'nowhere close to being in Cahoon's league' would be more accurate. :slight_smile: I like Stoddard, but in relation to guys like Fantuz, Clermont, Cahoon, P. Jackson, and Flick, he's nothing special.

I might be wrong on this, but I think Flick is an Import. Whereas the others on your list are canadians. Other than that, I do agree with you're assumption.

Well, I'm a little sad today. I always loved Stoddard and had a chance to meet him once and he was a great guy. I always felt in the middle of this decade he was very under used on offense. I always thought he made a reliable receiver who would take a hard hit to make a tough catch over the middle. Never got why he didn't start in that 04-06 era. Just a great team player, a type of guy who doesn't get enough press.

Really? Huh. I always thought Flick was a NI. Maybe I'm confusing him with Kamau Peterson, who I'm pretty sure is a NI (and another NI superior to Stoddard).

This opens a roster spot…???

I think I might take Ralph over Stoddard, not a tough decision when you get right down to it. Good luck to him and thanks for the years as a Bomber.

Kordic and Eubanks, as they also released a DB Aric Williams.

Eubanks looks very interesting.

The Blue Bombers signed a pair of defensive backs today. Nick Kordic and John Eubanks have joined the football club.

As per team policy, details of the agreements are not disclosed.

Kordic (6-0, 210, Western Ontario '08, DOB: Oct. 21, 1983 in Toronto, ON) played in 15 games with the Hamilton Ti-Cats in 2008, primarily on special teams.

Kordic finished last season tied for fourth on his team with 11 special teams tackles.

Eubanks (5-10, 173, Southern Mississippi '06, DOB: July 13, 1983 in Mound Bayou, MS) signed with the NFL's Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent in 2006.

In college he was the Conference USA Special Teams Player of the Year in 2004.

"We're very pleased to add these two players to our roster. We think they will add to the competitiveness of our defensive backfield," said head coach Mike Kelly.

The Winnipeg Football Club also released non-import receiver Jamie Stoddard and import defensive back Aric Williams today.

The release of Stoddard another bad move by A--hole Kelly.

.....I think we know who you'll be pulling for in 09....and it ain't the Bombers....best find another team there dawg.. :lol: