Just heard Bob McCown on Toronto Fan 590 and for those who don't know, he is on the Argos GC 07 committee.
Actually he is also a good guy with good coverage for the Argos and the CFL. Always saying how the CFL is the best entertainment around.
Anyway, he said how it is more then a rumour and a strong possibility how Sting and the Police will be the half time entertainment.
Their name was tossed around last year and before their latest tour announcement.
If correct, that would be great.

That would be friggin huge. Nothing agains't the younger groups and performers the last few years but it's time that a big group that caters more to the people who buy the tickets, are represented I think.

Yes and even though the GC will sellout, this may mean a quicker sellout.
How about scalpers making real dough on the game. I know I have my four GC tickets on deposit.
How about you Earl?

Although it doesn't mean the Police wouldn't make a return trip, they are scheduled to do a show in Toronto on July 22. They finish the North American portion of the tour in August. Whether the Grey Cup committee would be willing to pay the associated costs of bringing them back, your guess is as good as mine.

They are also schedule for Vancouver and Montreal and it is expected that they will announce a June 2 concert date in Edmonton.

I know I'm in the minority as far as this rumour goes, but.....GOOD LORD, I HOPE NOT!!! IMHO, The Police are probably the single-most over-rated group in rock history.

Anything is better than the Black Eyed Peas a few years ago!


I think it is time for my annual "Stompin Tom for half time show" campaign.

Personally, I've always liked the idea of having a Canadian halftime performer. The Grey Cup is about Canadiana!

Plus, let's hope the Governor General presents the Cup again...!


They tossed around the name of a group to perform a year before they announced they were getting back together? Toronto figured they would reunite to play at the Grey Cup?

Why do I doubt that?

IMO, there are already enough cops at the GC game....

The Police still have major international appeal, this would be a great boost for the popularity of the league world wide, despite your taste in music.

I doubt that.
People who are only interested in the Half time show are only interested in the half time show

I agree!

The Police have major international appeal, but so do previous years acts, such as the Black Eyed Peas, despite your taste in music.

And your point is......