still waiting

i know its off season and weve made some noise with releases player and coach signings all of which i was a fan of.Howeever we seem to have it a quiet mark we have free agents of our own still to sign oh ya and i think jim daley back as special teams coach would be a nice announcement soon please. Lets keep the mojo going and hit 2013 in full stride

And, is O'B the only one missing and unaccounted for?
While this site lists the Coaching Staff, as it is now, and the Business Office people, pretty well right down to the paper-clip counter, there is no listing at all for Football Ops Staff!

I agree. The coaching staff is by no means complete, and as of now we have no scouting or player personnel staff.

I hope Jim Daley and Ozzie are back. Also Danny Mac. While it isn't critical to have all these people in place for FA signing time, it would be helpful. And even more important when it comes time to sign players for training camp, go through the draft, etc.

We also need to re-sign a couple of our FAs too, notably Bo Smith.

i agree steve they werent the bricks that made the wall crumble and would like to see all of them back in place

I think it's going slow because it's a completely new regime. I would imagine that Kent Austin has a hell of a lot of things on his plate right now. He needs to finish off the coaching staff, assess all of the players from last year, resign our own free agents, scout for new talent and so on. It's a long off-season and I'd prefer that they take there time and get the right personnel in there.

Free agency starts in two weeks.

You can bet that Austin has reviewed the list and knows exactly who he will be after.

He may know exactly who he'll be after, but I wonder how he'll know who's a good one to get.

He hasn't been in the league for a few years, and he has no scouts or player personnel staff to help him decide. I hope Womack and Obie left their evaluations behind. At least then he'd be able to read those. And Orlondo Steinauer will know some of them I suppose. Tommy Condell won't. Not the richest base of wisdom on which to make choices.

Maybe it'll work out okay, there aren't all that many to choose from and the decisions sometimes make themselves, on the basis of who's available and at what budget. I'd feel a lot better though with the player personnel and scouting staffs fleshed out.

I really hope they manage to sign Stephenson before the deadline. He is one of the better tight ends in the league (I know he's listed as a fullback, but face it, he plays mostly as a tight end). He blocks well, and he has good hands. He also can run the ball out of the backfield, providing a backup for Cobourne, Martell and Walker if needed.

None Imports that should be resigned;

LB Yannick Carter

DB Jonathan Hood

DB Chris Rwabukamba

RB Daryl Stephenson

Imports to resign;

DB Bo Smith

DB Marcel Young

Free Agent Imports:

DB Chris Thompson (EDM)

DB Dwight Anderson (MTL)

DB Tyron Brackenridge (SASK)

DB Evan Mc Collough (TOR)

DE Bryant Turner (WIN)

Free Agent Non Imports

DB Cauchy Muamba (BC)