Still waiting for CFL to apologize to cats for blown Call.


So the refs on the field got the call right. Offside Edmonton and TD should have been called back.

Even Edmonton players thought it was coming back.

But Eye in the sky saw it different and overturned it?

CFL needs to explain and apologize for this horrible call.

Or just ignore it like it never happened LOL
the eye in the sky 0-1....BRUTAL

Maybe they have? Just because you don't know doesn't mean they haven't.

Remember, the CFL and its teams only tell the media what they choose to. Apologizing for that would likely be something they kept quiet.

Did you happen to notice that the ball isn't on the ground anymore? That means the snap has already happened.

I'll try to do my "magic" to get the moment of the snap to see how close it really was.

Plus, receivers always get about a one step over the line allowance, anyway, so when the ball is snapped they are probably taking their second step and are already about 3 or maybe more yards down field.

Another reason I don't like the 5 yard contact rule.

Ray Elgaard rule. Back toe can still be on the line of scrimmage.
Having said that, im for LESS flags and especially ones that take away Tds. Way too many flags for things not impacting the play.

At the moment of the snap (see the ball moving?), the Edmonton players are all still onside, although it's extremely close. I'm still surprised that the linesmen got this one wrong, as they are usually bang on with this call.

Well done CFiO, You do have the “magic”. :thup:

The hardest part was figuring out which of Edmonton's touchdowns this was - until (doh!) I realized it was the one from the 22 yard line.

Actually the hardest part is getting the TSN VOD to stop when I tell it to stop, and start/stop to get the second image. I really wish they had a single frame advance button. Or even just a reverse button.