Still unsigned Canadian University stars.

There are still several Canadian University stars who have exhausted their University eligibility but have yet to be signed by a CFL team that has drafted them in 2012 or as a 2013 5th year free agent.

BILLY GREENE Aformer Hec Trophy winner and QB has accepted that he will be changing positions in the CFL. I know he has had several surgeries but there has been barely any news on the projected FB/TE. A rumor from a CIS insider said that the ALs were interested and that would give them a 3rd CIS QB on the roster with a position change but have not heard anything since his surgeries. Could really see him in a back up role to Patrick Lavoi as an offensive Canadian TE receiving threat.

FREDERICK PLESIUS He returned to Laval to supposedly win a Vanier Cup which I believe is partially true but he mainly did not want to wait two more years to get another crack at the NFL. Right now NFL rookie mini camps are begining but have not heard anything about him. He is already 25 and has played a lot of football for free it is about time he begins to start a pro career. He was a men among boys in the Vanier Cup but is that enough for an NFL team to bring him in as a 25 year old rookie with no pro experience. Hamilton or any other CFL team for that matter would definitely have a roster spot for him right away.

Arnaud Gacson Nadon Plesius' equally as dominating teammate I know has had some injury issues but both were drafted by Hamilton and unlike Plesius' Nadon does not have any NFL interest. Austin has brought in Hazon Hazime to go along with another former Laval DE Antione-Fortin. Nadon has all the makings of being a great CFL canadian special teams starter but is the new Hamilton regime not interested in him ?

JOHNNY APRILE Star receiver and punt returner at Queens was moved to safety last year by BBs coach Paul Lapo and saw quite a bit of pre season action before being released and returning to Queens for his 5th year. Certainly a top Canadian Football talent does he still fit with the BB plans as a possible back up at at safety behind Muamba. Vould new HC Burke be waiting to see if they will get a better safety prospect in the draft leaving Aprile to sign with another CFL team. the BBs have already signed All Canadian Sherman Teague out of their back yard at the U of Manitoba who already is a safety. They also have the other Westerman brother who was a safety and receiver like his NFL LB brother at Rutgers but never recorded any stats. Also th BBs hit pay dirt with rookie free agent Dan west listed as Safety but was an exclusive and top special teams player. So a bit crowded already at the Safety spot for BB.

KIRBY FABIEN Have not heard much but i suspect that he is awaitng some NFL rookie Mini Camp invites. BC GM Wally Buono in need of some Canadian talent at Oline may not be intrsted anymore after what happened last season and could a trade for his rights be in place come draft day ?

I've lost count of the number of times I've posted this... The Bombers are NOT going to play Aprile at safety. Burke said months ago the team will keep him at receiver.

I figured that was a Lapo thing but they have yet to sign him is the point I was making. Is there any reason for the delay?

No idea but Burke has said they expect him at TC.

the WPG sun draft preview has Aprile listed as a receiver in the pipe, not a safety, as well. The situation this year is much different at safety than last year. Last year was Logan, a rookie in West, and oft injured Brady Browne. This year you have Cauchy Muamba, Dan west with a year under his belt, Jawann Westerman, Teague Sherman, potentially another draft pick in the mix as well. They don’t really need to throw in Aprile into the mix there anymore. Plus I think they are looking at the starters in Poblah and Watson, both have had injury issues over the last couple of seasons, the backups right now are Kohlert and Etienne, they need more depth there in camp.

I like kohlert out of the other aside from Watson, who when healthy can be a true #2 or 3 receiver which is essesntial to a modern CFL team with the 5 rec set being the norm. Aside from Montreal and WIN all or the teams number two rec were Canadians and in BC Gore was #1. It shows that Canadian rec are just as good as any import rec with the exception of a teams top number 1 guy

With Aprile Still unsigned but expected to be the BBs draft another receiver in DiCroce out of MAC with the 29th pick overall to add to the stockpile of Young Canadian Recievers. Looks like competition time in Winnipeg.

Aprile might be signed just not announced. Announcements are usually spread out or delayed until the CFL office has approved the contract or whatnot. At any rate Aprile was rumoured to be part of the deal the bombers were offering the Ticats predraft to swap draft positions, so if he's not under contract, not sure how they could be offering him in trade.

Plesius is attending NFL rookie camps as an invitee hoping to land a contract. As far as I know he's still Ticats property and is expected in camp this year if he fails to land a NFL contract in the next few weeks, at least that's what the scratching post blog suggested.

As for Kirby Fabien, he's still Lions property and unless he suddenly gets a NFL call in the next couple of weeks he's expected in Lions camp

Your are right most likely and there ploy to return to University for another season to get a shot at the NFL without having to wait 2 years the min length of CFL contract appears to be a stratgy that was short lived with players and Agents. If both signed las year with their respective CFL teams they both would have been immediate impact players. BC with the O Line injuries opened the door for Norman but that could have been Fabien or both. As for Plesius special teams cover teams for sure while working his way into a defense that could not have gotten any worse. For both it could have mean some nice NFL interest in 2014. Plesius a Mature aged player with a rookie contract playing specials and Fabien a chance to land a spot on a Practice roster being so young at the least.

The Bombers issued the following press release today:

[b]Blue Bombers Update Status of 2012 Draft Pick Giovanni Aprile[/b]


WINNIPEG, MB - Vice-President and General Manager Joe Mack has issued the following statement on 2012 third round pick Giovanni Aprile who has elected to return to school for his final year of eligibility after being accepted into teacher's college, which is a one-year program:

"Giovanni recently let us know about his intentions to return to school for one more year and our organization fully supports a decision like this when it comes to a young man's future and preparing for life after football. We wish him the best in his studies this year and look forward to having him in training camp in 2014 where we hope he will compete for a spot on our roster."

Aprile was drafted in the third round (16th overall) in 2012 and attended training camp last season before returning to Queen's where he played in seven games and caught 36 passes for 619 yards and three touchdowns.

2012 draft picks are beginning to sign in Hamilton.
Courney Stephans a Canadian Safety who played for a top Mid Major in Northern Illinois the Orange Bowl special teams and a possible future Canadian Safety may be in his and Hamiton's future.
Signing two Canadian DE draft picks from 2012 in Hazime acquired in a trade from EDM and Gascon - Nadon from laval who wasted a pro season in returning to laval to go with Anoine Fortin another Hamilton DE pick from Laval as well as former number one overall pick in Shamari Williams. The Cats appear to be looking at making a DE spot a ratio spot or a rather deep rotational spot.Nadon and Williams are already known to double as pretty good special teams coverage guys.
LB Plesius still hanging on to a hopeless NFL shot situation. A 25 year old rookie with only CIS expereince not exactly a great combo for a project NFL LB

Courtney Stephen has the potential to be a star in this league. Great day for the Ticats