Still time to Enter FSN Huddle

Still time to enter the FSN pool(s)

Pool name Huddle-ites
Pool password cfldotca

Pick the winners: Choose the weekly winning teams

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

Pick 10 Challenge: Choose a roster of 10 players each week (or let your roster ride)

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

My teams are made. I'll join the league tomorrow.

can you post more than one team? that seems a little unfair to me.

I suppose you can, although I don't know why you would. I'm not going to stop you, but you have to live with yourself if you do.

Kanga, by "teams" I meant one selection for "Pick the winners" and one selection for "Pick 10". I should have said games instead of teams. There are two games.