Still some pretty good FA'S available

I was going through the FA list on this site and noticed there are still a few good FA'S available that would help the Bomber's this year, if they have already signed elsewhere don't shoot me i am just going off the list on this site :roll:

I know we are trying to get younger, but a couple more Vets is not the end of the world either, also i will name some player's that i have studied over the last couple years and my thinking is they are promising. I am not saying sign them all, just a list to think about!! Also can someone let me know if we can invite people to TC without a contract or sign them to a tryout without a contract.

WR Ryan Grice-Mullen
WR Kerry Johnson
WR Otis Amay
WR Michael Bumpus
SB Elijah Thurmon
CB Kenny Heatly
DB Kelly Malveaux (i alway's like his work ethic)
DB Jasper Johnson (he looked good in his TC)
DB Sabastian Clovis (where did he go?)
DB Ronyell Whitaker
S Cory Peoples
LB Zeke Moreno (still has game and could be insurance in case Lobedahn gets injures, can probably play outside LB)
DE Riall Johnson (was with us and looked pretty good and he is a canuck)
DL Chase Ortiz (we were pretty high on him last season)

Isn’t Grice-Mullen in the NFL?

And Elijah Thurmon hasn’t played for 2 years.

looking at that list i hope the bombers trade someone to bump up in the draft to select 1 of those LB's

we could easily trade Edwards or Reid and be fine... We get rid of Reid we got Bernard so easy fix there and if we wanted too could add depth and bring back Smith but im not too keen on that one. We get rid of Edwards hate to see him go but i honestly think this is the last year he is worth anything and right now would generate a 1st round pick easily, and the list of WR's there i think can easily replace (Amey and maybe Grice-Mullen would be fit)

Grice-Mullen and Amey both signed with NFL teams. Riall Johnson sucked when he was with the Bombers and I'm not sure whether he was well liked on the team based on something I heard on Spin Zone (Doug Brown said something to the effect that he hated to think of Riall Johnson getting a Grey Cup ring - he said he would be happy for Mayne though).

I don't think Riall Johnson has been impressive wherever he's played. . . reminds me a lot of McKay-Loescher; were they imports, they never would have had a job in this league, let alone as a spot starter.

Johnson had a good year with the Argos when he had 10 sacks (2007) playing in a 3-4 defense, I thought that was impressive, but that was a while ago now.

joe smith? tom canada? elijah thurman? ummm NO.

none of those guys honestly interest me at all... moreno? is he worth the like 30 yards in unnessecary roughness penalties he is sure to get a game? i dont think so.

time to move on from the past and that includes players who have been here b4.

jasper johnson, ronyell whittaker... thats about it but yeah doubt it. they havent played in a year now so id suspect they are probably not on the radar at all.

recycling players from past teams who didnt win anything tho doesnt help at all. guys like canada, joe smith, kelly malveaux, geeesh maan guess the name on the back truly does matter more than the color of the jersey to some people. whats with the love in for guys like canada and smith who like have fallen completely off the face of the earth? seriously.

i suppose there is a reason why fans are just fans tho and not scouts.

even if those guys could still play, because of their experience theyd be worth too much for their actually talent level at this point in time, compared to younger cheaper alternatives

That is true, but if these older guys like Moreno cannot find a job, therefore if the older guys would settle for way and less than when they were prime and i think they know that they will not see a salary like they had before.

even at a reduced salary i dont know if any of those guys would be a good route to take, could hurt the opportnity to develope new guys into future stars

Reid and Edwards arn't going anywhere

Why would we want to make our bad offence even worse by trading two of our best pieces of the puzzle?

with a young QB, we want all the help that we can give him for grooming purposes

I, quite frankly, am very excited to see who we get in the draft... Kinda wish we still had our second rounder, but i guess we got good value in return for Bowman and that special teamer/safety... cant remeber his name

also looking forward to actually keeping our picks now under Lapo....

id also be pretty happy if we offerd DB Ronyell Whitaker, and Jasper Johnson contracts

[quote=“123James321”]Reid and Edwards arn’t going anywhere


What makes you think that Edwards and Reid are staying here, let me point out some facts about both player’s

Fred Reid - cannot catch the ball when called upon, he was horrible in that aspect of his hame - 2ND of all Bernard has way better hands then Reid and Bernard is faster than Reid. I believe that Mack and Lapo will try and trade Reid due to thee points mentioned above, plus his salary is high as Bernards is not

Terrence Edwards - he is starting to slow down BIG TIME, looked like he gave no effort last year and a few injuries etc. Another point is Mack wants to be a young team and Edwards is the elder of the group and we have player’s on the roster already that could replace him and reciver’s are an easy find!!

i dont agree that they will try to trade reid but i wouldnt mind… as stated, bernard has better hands, quicker change of direction and is tougher in the middle… bernard is also a beast of a blocker for his size… blocking was another thing reid was not very effective at… dont get me wrong in open feild reid is as good as they come, but all around id go with bernard…

if we cant get a significant player in return, reid will remain in blue, and il be looking forward to see what these two can do behind that mean oline the team is putting together

I don't know guys, Bernard has pretty shaky hands from what I saw last year, plus he was prone to fumble more than Reid.

TE is our best slot receiver, a pretty important aspect of any CFL offense. He was physically beat to a pulp last season, mostly due to running a crap offense that didn't allow our receivers to get any separation in their routes.

...i agree on Bernard......he has some great moves but had a tendency to drop the ball...Still a great player for us once he gets the wrinkles out :wink: ...Back to the topic....fa's still available....I don't know about you guys but i don't like our 'ace' db returning kicks...Jovon is too valuable to put in that role and especially now that our db. positions are weakened with the loss of Hefney....Isn't Ian Smart available?????Leos released him and i don't think anyone else picked him up :roll: He'd be worth a look...definitely was a solid returner for Wally....wouldn't hurt to invite him to tc.... :wink:

I think Smart is still available. I'd have to wonder whether the Riders will keep both Armstead and Dorsey.

....yes....i wondered about that too...I think Armstead is going to get dealt the nine of hearts...LaPo and definitely Kavis Reed are familiar with Army :lol: ....he might get a look if released, now that 'a-hole light' Kelly ain't around anymore.. :wink:

I have no problem with using Jovon Johnson as a returner.

As for Armstead, gun charges have a way of getting people cut from teams and not allowing them to cross the border. That's on the player, not the coach. By the time Armstead got the charges dealt with, Jovon was already established as our returner so there was no need to bring him in.

I can't see the Riders cutting Armstead until Dorsey can prove he's back in form. Last season, Dorsey didn't play much for the Argos and when he did he sucked.

Im sorry but thats just not true

especially the parts about bernard being faster than reid, and edwards slowing down a ton