Still Some Great Player's That Could Be Signed

I know our training camp roster is almost full, but we can release player's to make room for different player's, what do you guys think? Would not hurt to bring them in!!

I know that this guy is 34 years old, but experience helps and he can still play:
LB Dwaine Carpenter 6'2 - 207 LBS --- 2007 he had 46 Tackles and 12 special teams tackles ---- 2008 he had 35 tackles, 18 special teams tackles, one sack and 2 INT and 1 sack ---- in 2009 he has 35 tackles, 15 Special Teams Tackles and one INT.

This next guy was in the draft and i think he is going to be a great player since i self scouted him:
WR Josh Bishop (22 YRS old --- 6'2 - 217 LBS) Played college football at Wilfred Laurier

Honestly i do not see a reason to keep Emanual Marc on the roster considering he is already 28 years old, why not fill that spot with either Matt Henry or Montoya.

How about WR Casey McGahee (5'9 155 LBS) he is still only 27 years old and i think we all witnessed his speed, he would be a great option for KR/PR.

DB Ronyell Whitaker

Great speed doesn't mean anything when you've got a bad case of humblitis which IIRC is why he was let go by the Riders.

no need for mcgahee, carpenter is just too old, sorry theres a trend going on, we are going younger. WE ARENT gonna sign an old linebacker

im pretty sure we are done picking up other teams trash tho.

whittaker would work but he hasnt played in a year plus he's a little older also.

those who repeat history are doomed to fail..

with that being said, why would we want to sign an old guy like carpenter and 2 guys we had at 1 point and cut (mcgahee and whittaker) as for montoya, its obvious he's just a body builder, henry? noone has signed him either so that tells me he's not good enough and id put bishop in that category aswell but who knows maybe a fan knows more than the people who actually get paid to scout these players.

who knows maybe the youtube videos or write ups u 'scouted' no more then joe mack and the people in charge.

of your list the only one i wouldnt mind seeing here is whitaker... had a solid camp last year, experienced guy that can play... has had success in the nfl and nfl europe... he is a little older, but still could have a few good years and help groom our younger dbs... however if mack and lapo would rather continue signing younger guys i am all for it as well..

on a side note, i wouldnt mind seeing willie byrd back in camp... tall physical db... made a big impression on me in camp last year, was kinda surprised he was cut when he was... couldnt keep his mouth shut tho

i agree. regardless of my previous post i think... guys from last years camp i wouldnt be upset if they got another chance are...

db's whittaker and byrd (like towelie mentioned) just liked those 2 alot, size on byrd was impressive and i beleive he actually intercepted a pass. wonder what byrd is up to these days.. maybe part of me wants him back so i can bring a sign that says " HAVE YOU HEARD, HEARD WHAT " :stuck_out_tongue: u know the rest :stuck_out_tongue: BYRD IS THE WORD

linebacker that really stood out imo last training camp was jasper johnson.

id also consider bringing in chris bodnar, he's canadian and i beleive he can kick fgs'.. love serna, think he's awesome but it would be nice to have a canadian kicker and punter :slight_smile: or maybe even the u of m's scott dixon.

ive heard rumors tho that bob camerons son is gonna be at training camp aswell, not to try out for the team but for experience and possibly for a look see into the future.

bob is now part of the board of directors along with trevor kennerd :slight_smile:

yep byrd did pick one off, eubanks was really good too but ended up in calgary, i dont know if hes still on their roster, a lot of good dbs were in camp last year... i think we could still use another db before this years camp... mack dug up some good looking recieving prospects and lb prospects, one or two more dbs would be nice, hicks looks like he could make some noise... but im also okay with what we have now... look for brandon stewart to make his presence known in tc..

eubanks i beleive had a case of fumbelitis on kick returns while at camp with us and beleive that was probably the reason why he was let go, i guess if you think about it, keeping lenny walls over eubanks was probably not one of kellys best moves only for the fact that it seems like eubanks is still with the stamps and well lenny isnt with us anymore and we are kind of lacking db's right now.

im ok with.. jovon,stewart and glover and to an extent, craver was pretty solid last year too, he got beat a few times but they all did. im ok with that as our starting 4. but... it would be nice if we had more bodies at the db position but keith looks like he's a keeper, and hicks could be someone to watch aswell. i think 2 more db's should be brought in just so u can actually have competition for everyone. i cant see us starting a canadian at db because well, who would we start? logan? jules? browne? kordic? i would suspect logan will be our starting safety and browne and kordic will back him up. Jules tho, i think he can be let go, 29 or so and a rookie? and canadian? somethings not right there.. 2 more db's and im happy :slight_smile: but i like what we have as out potenital starting unit already.

a few more would be good... i dont mind the "expected starters" but craver will likely be moving inside correct? to his natural position, which may sound good, but who knows, he was decent last year, maybe the change will set him back a bit... also im not at all sold on glover just yet...seems fairly average to me... dont get me wrong, im glad hes on the roster and going to camp, but he doesnt excite me really, i dont expect a jovon or hefney year out of him... which is why i like the signings of guys like hicks and stewart from last season, cause theyre younger and could be the next big thing... id rather give a kid the chance than an average db cut from the lions... whoever performs best in tc and preseason should get the job regardless of experience or stats,,, and i think mack and lapo seem to feel the same way... every job is open