Still scratching my head.....

Does anyone know the inner workings of this team? How can Joe Pao Pao call such a miserable offensive game so many times and then come up with what happened last night. This was not Ranek’s first game. How can Kavis Reed suddenly discover that an attacking defense really works. Where the heck has he been and why has it taken so long to develop?
Special teams still do not look good so maybe there is some blockage at work in the inspiration part of that unit.
Is it Ron Lancaster snapping the whip? Have these assistant coaches experienced divine intervention?
Whatever it is they need to bottle it.
Can anyone offer some answers?

Definately the Lancaster effect.

Successful teams have identities about what they do in all facets of the game. We're haven't been successful.

Coaches have to become aware of what the team's in-game capabilities are and try to maximize that potential. Coaches who seem to spin a wheel in the back to come up with a gameplan get exposed during games for not realizing that, where talent on the field is relatively equal.

We have a pretty sorry record regarding approach and halftime adjustments. Yes, we have to bottle what we did last night. Will it happen? The jury is still out.

Oski Wee Wee,

The bottom line is that both the offensive and defensive lines decided to knock the opposition on their asses. It all starts in the trenches and the Tiger-Cats easily won that battle last night. I just hope they can keep it up because the next game is huge if they want to have some hope this season.

I would still like to see him stop calling so many hitch passes,but overall our offence looked 100% better.

Is it the coach, or is it Maas reluctance to go long??

Hmmmmmmmmmmm good question

During last nights games they commented about Lancaster talking to Reed and discussing philosphys, which explains the change, but they also said he did not mention anything to Joe. I think this was out of respect for Joe because all the junk he usually calls seemed to disappear.

Great Game & well Coached my only complaint was the Clock management just before the half Is Mass not experienced enough to call 2 Plays in the Huddle & can'y he see the Game Clock. This isn't the first Time this has happened this year. It has to get better with the NO Huddle. Maybe Maas should have some Plays on a wrist Pad ????

They did go long much more often last night. I can remember at least three occasions; I think it really helped pull the Bombers defence away from the line of scrimmage.

hmmm seemed to go long a good bit last night, but ya know it takes time for our receivers to get down feild.

On the flick TD (that was called back) i out of the blue decided to count steam boats on how much time maas had.

he pump faked at three steamboats and threw on four. it took DJ FLICK four seconds to get that far down field.

now think about how long it takes our other receivers.

This is why starting in the third quarter we should be sending Brock and Quinnie deep every other play. (fastest guys on the team) git'r'dun and tire out the defense when they're already tiring.

Maas had consistent time in the pocket last night (against the leagues best pass rushing Dline) and had ZERO sacks against.

the online plays this good every night and the playoffs are in sight.