Still ringing...

I dont know if its my buddies' stereo or the 38,000+ in the dome but my ears have a pleasant ring to them...To call the crowd 'loud' on Saturday is a major was rockin...I was suprised to see so many Rider fans at the game, it assures me that this rivalry is alive and well and may be at the top of the CFL. Outside the stadium it was mainly green making all the noise. I called them 'spirited' while my buddy referred to them as 'alcoholics'. The anticipation was evident among the fans outside and you just knew it was going to be GREAT to see live. Inside, Orange took over and I was very impressed with the turnout. Everyone in our section was well behaved, and from what I could tell, had a good time. Rider fan got quieter and quieter throughout the game while we got louder and crazy loud! Next stop...Seahawks! Cant wait to visit Quest Feild. Anyone think its too risky to have Stefan Logan returning kicks?, or do you think' how can we not have him as our return guy?', risky but 'WOW' you have to see it live to appreciate how he stacks moves on top of moves. VERY impressive indeed. Anyway HOLLA if you want...Later...G.

Keep Logan on specialty team, too good. If you think the Lions game was loud, just wait until you are at Qwest.Was at the Oakland game on the Labour day weekend and never realized how loud an outdoor staduim can get. Don't miss the beginning, they introduce the Seagals as here to entertain you and boy did they ever...all models and the 12th man flag raised. Little bit of advice parking goes right up, paid $15 dollars for a Mariners game week before, Seahawks game same lot $40.

Thx tips...we're flying...lookin forward to tha noise!