Still Proud of our fans

I am born in HAMILTON and grew up in Hamilton ,

and now live in Toronto but I consider myself a Hamiltonian :slight_smile:

I was at the Hamilton TICATS / Toronto ARGOS game on Labour day in Hamilton this past Monday afternoon .

Well there were many angry drunk Ticats fans and many cops after the game since we lost ..31, 000 angry fans walking the streets after the game …walking with beers , no shirts on swearing etc ..quite a violent and rowdy affair ...

Well a BLACK SUV starts driving down the street slowly through the crowd coming out of the stadium …. many rowdy tough looking fans start cursing at the van and spitting at the driver and pounding on the car on the back and side windows etc ….many people mostly older people were outraged including embarrassed and thinking this is not acceptable

The cops came running in defence of this car ……

Well as the car was stopped and safe with cops around it I looked into the car and I saw a familiar face ..a very sweaty and scared man ..

And I understand why he was based on the looks of the guys hitting his car and even more so now that I know who he was

When I found out who he was I did not feel the act was so appauling afteral and in fact I asked the guys whey they did not do more to the car ?

The man was ROB FORD

I'm assuming this was supposed to be a sarcastic post?

That's the exact type of crap that keeps fans away and will continue to make fans question whether to attend the new stadium or not, even with a brand new stadium if it's filled with the same monkeys acting up the team will struggle to fill it. Very recently I saw Less Browne having a similar problem and a few years back watched Don Mathews get his car kicked exiting the stadium. What the hell is the matter with people that want to make a statement through their actions that their the biggest tool on the bench?

Yes I am being sarcastic ..I feel touching the car is not acceptable ....booing him is ok

Totally agree, but its those idiots that make the TRUUUUU fans look bad.