Still no return game

What can we do to get a return game going? Against Montreal it was dismal. We have a lot invested in Dorsey and he is not getting it done. Now I don't know if it's our pitiful blocking schemes or Dorsey not being 100% but we have to get it figured out - it will become even more important down the stretch.

Step one, fire Daley.

I agree.

they need to teach the players how to block..

First they need some one that can do that. Please see my step one.

well ya. but it seems like the players can't take instruction too well.

Last night showed ZERO improvement. I don't know the stats but BC constantly had 20+ yard returns - the Riders 5 - 10 yards average. We have to do something because this will cause us nothing but grief against the better teams.

We actually did have a couple decent 20+ yard runs on Special teams.. they just always got called back on holding. Yeah.

I thought Dorsey was a lot better in this game than he had been in the previous games. The coverage on punts and kickoffs are still brutal, but it improved as the game went on as well.

It was kind of sickening that we couldn't get more consistent coverage on punts with the hang time that Eddie was giving the coverage team.

Maybe Dorsey's hamstring is getting better. Sometimes during my frustration with our Special teams, I wonder if it's not worth activating Hugh Charles and sitting Dorsey just to see if we can get a spark. Like the QB on offence, nothing sparks special teams in all phases more than the returner.

He did not look strong today - is he nursing an injury? If not I think his window of opportunity is gone and it's time to move on - Any NFL early cuts available?

The return game was bad, I'm not sure if the blame can fall entirely on Dorsey, he didn't have much room to work with. I wonder if they'll try Charles back there or even Dressler to see if there's a difference.

I predict that Dominic Dorsey will be released before the deadline so they don't have to pay him the rest of his Salary.

the guy has lost his step and he no longer is effective.

Our lack of a return game is killing us.

This has been a season long dilema. Is it Dorsey or is it the blocking schemes? I don't think we should release Dorsey just yet but put switch him out with Hugh Charles who is a good returner as well as adding another dimension to our running game. If our return game improves then we know it is Dorsey and he is expendable.

If you don’t release him then you end up having to pay his salary for the rest of the year.

the guy has proven in the first 8 games that he can’t do it anymore!

save yourself some money and let the guy go.

In the next game catch the ball and run, to many times i've watch him studder step left than right and get run over by a freight train of tacklers. If he made a decision while the ball was in the air and just ran he would do a lot better spending to much time thinkinghow he can weve through. Remember Gizmo he caught the ball and within three steps was going full speed dont remember him studder stepping.

After Dorsey’s fumble and continued ineffectiveness - is his time over as a Rider?

That fumble was really unfortunate as I though Dorsey had some decent returns earlier in the game. I don't think they will let him go now, don't they have to pay his salary as they have played 9 games?

He's past the 9 game mark, they won't be doing anything with him this year (unless he goes on the 9 game injury list or something of that nature). I agree he was having his best game until the fumbled punt.