Kitchener Record today one 2 column 4" high picture of Austin getting gator aid shower. About 30 column inches on the game with interview clips from Owens and Ray. 1 paragraph at the end about 1½", re CATS.

The Riders/Stamps garnered the same size picture and about 16 column inches

I should have expected as much; the paper is a Star clone filled with all the wonderfulness of the nfl

The Star and their parent TorStar is nothing but garbage. Millions of CFL fans need to support only companies and products that sponsor the CFL:

Toronto Sun, National Post, Nissan, Telus, Tim's, NAPA, Seagram etc etc.

And then there is TSN - the league's television cablecaster. Gurdeep on Sports Centre said the the Tiger Cats were 19 - 0 scoring-wise when Rob Ford was in the building - in other words the blew team didn't blow it - it was all Ford's fault.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :oops: :oops: :oops: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I love my Rodney Dangerfield team and fully expect them to win on Sunday. Do I expect respect then? No. But I will be more accepting of the disrespect once I look at the team name on the Grey Cup this year.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Leading up to the semi final game, I saw a thread title on this forum about how 4 of 5 talking heads predicted that Montreal would beat Hamilton. What was the result???

This past week, the same garbage from the same predictors. What was the result??

I have been a Tiger cat fan since 1969. I've seen this nonsense come and go. I don't care what some talking head or out of town newspaper or TV station says or does. Because, like the Argo fans yesterday when the ending was known, they disappear.

My team is in the Grey cup, and that's all that matters to me.

I live in Kitchener and get the paper as well, but either we didn't get it today or my dad took it to work this morning.

But yeah, not surprising at all. >_<

That's fine, we're Grey Cup bound and victory will be all the sweeter if nobody but us expects it. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

Well said sir.

My post was related to the previous one indicating that we should only support (pay attention to) CFL affiliated companies. :roll:

How could I have forgotten about TSN!? Thanks Mike

CFL fans should only watch sportscentre on TSN - NEVER on sportsnet. Lets hit these bums where it counts in the pocketbook. Remember, the more that people that watch/buy from CFL sponsors the more $ that means for CFL and less for CFL haters. Below is a link to the ticats corp partners page. Let these partners know that you appreciate their sponsorship of the CFL. Believe me, it makes a difference. As soon as I can dump my Rogers cable I will and I will never get a mobile contract with anybody but Telus.

AHHHHH, but remember 1986...No was said that after the kick-off the ticats wouldn't even be "in it". :roll:

I'm fine with being the underdogs...just go out and WIN IT.

You can just bet that we will get respect and lots of press after a win in Sask. :wink:

Just one more WIN...One Game...One Win :rockin:

I don't buy this stuff about "lack of respect".

Counting column inches or how many times players' names are mentioned is a waste of time. Surely we aren't that thin-skinned. I fully expect the Riders to be the favourites next Sunday, after all they blew us out this season 69-20 in the two games. And I would also expect them to get more coverage this week, the game is in their home park.

We've basically been lousy to mediocre for more than a decade. Why should the media suddenly think we're the greatest thing since sliced bread? The best way to change perceptions about respect from the media is to go out and win the game on Sunday, then be competitive and strong next year and the year after. I don't recall any issues about lack of respect in the 60s when we were consistently good. So let's do that again and it will be a non-issue.

The actual point was that the media spent all the space on the losers and none on the winners. I would have expected from the media at least 50-50, not a sentence at the end ‘oh, by the way the Tiger Cats were there’. No mention of the domination by the Cats in the second half.

Unbiased reporting doesn’t report on a game based on previous records. It should reflect what happened in that game.

I have no doubt that those who count, the opposing players and coaches, are paying attention and know what’s up.

We owe the Riders a spanking and no doubt the Cats players know it and it is further incentive to crush them in the Grey Cup game. It should be a barn burner

Although 1989 was the most exciting Grey Cup ever, 1986 was the most satisfactory one from a Ticat perspective. I still remember seeing Dunigan on the side lines trying to put his contact lens back in, but couldn't because he was too nervous (scared?). Until yesterday perhaps (and the 67 Grey Cup team) the most dominant performance by the Cat D ever.

Umm, The Hamilton Spectator is also owned by the Star. And the Spec's coverage of the CFL -- through Drew Edwards, Steve Milton, and occasionally Scott Radley -- is excellent. The Kitchener paper probably took its story from the Star and naturally the Star would focus on the A*&^'s loss rather than the Cats's win.

As for the Sun, I'm surprised to hear that it supports the CFL. Its past president is one of the biggest promoters of the NFL in Toronto: Paul Godrey.

I usually enjoy the TSN broadcasts but did anybody else get sick and tired of listening to the collective TSN panel's man-crush on Ricky Ray. Hardly a couple of minutes would go buy without hearing about Ray's accuracy and Ray this and Ray that.

I feels great to not have to hear about Ray anymore. 8)

Guilty as charged sir! :thup:

Bingo. You want respect. Earn it. Keep winning and you will get respect. Am I proud of the Cats and how they have played? Absolutely. Respect is earned. Don't expect Clime or the mainstream media to say anything nice about the Cats. Let's just go out and play hard and leave it all on the field. They already have my respect. The pressure is on the Riders, playing at home, losing to Montreal on the extra man play in the last GC...go out there and have fun boys.

The guys on Off The Record were just acting like Rob Ford's appearance was THE legitimate reason why the Argos lost. Note not that the Ticats won -- the Argos lost.

First and Foremost, let me say this, i have a lot of respect for my fellow Tiger-Cat fans for suffering through the last 13 years or so and still sticking to the team. I for one have started to heal some of those wounds of disappointment. Sunday will go a long way towards full recoverry.

This thread has pretty well touched on all of my frustrations with the Media - and touched upon my favourite Grey Cup - 1986. It was our third time to the ball and boy, was third time a charm including the lost contact lense.

We appear to be in a losing battle when it comes to the media. I have changed to Bell - they gave me TSN and one sportsnet channel ( which I basically unsubsribed from) - because I do not want to have anything to do with those clowns - including Bob McCowan (who I have listened to for 20+ years and now he sounds like a blow-jays moron.)

TSN - although they cover the CFL, it is simply better of all evils - it appears the panel favours - anyone but the tigercats. (sick of hearing about Ricky Ray and now all we will hear about is the Roughriders.)

TSN radio in Toronto is terrible , they pretty well ignore Hamilton, because they are married to the ARGOs.

CHML - I love these guys but they just do not provide enough content for me. We need our own Tiger-Cat radio station - kind of like what GR55 does for Bills and Sabres.

Seeing the cats in a live Grey Cup game is a childhood dream - Hoping it will come true with a win!

I'll add my two cents too with regards to TSN and it's seemingly bias coverage. If you check the ESPNClassic or TSN2 scheduling broadcasts for this week, you see they're re-broadcasting Grey Cup games consisting of 1989, 1991,1995,1996,1997,1998, and most of the 2000's right up until last years game.

Funny...they omit the one and only Ticat win of 1999. I guess they felt it wasn't a classic?

I hope you get to fulfill your dream of seeing the Cats in person in a Grey Cup game. I did, in 1964 (lost to BC in Toronto), and in 1972 (amazing last play win vs Saskatchewan in Hamilton).

That last one in particular was a memory that will always be vivid for me. Just incredible. Henley, Gabriel, Sunter, Ealey, Fleming, Mosca... these legends all played critical roles.

It wasn't...the '98 loss was a better football game from a football perspective...

It was great win for this team,but,it wasn't a "classic"...But neither was '97...'87,'88 were better...

And this lack of respect thing is a bit overblown..This team has been in the wilderness for that last decade,vascillating between mediocre to abysmal...

What do people expect the media to react like?...Like we're the Edmonton Eskimos of the late '70's and early '80's?

Respect is earned...And it's earned through consistent winning...Something we haven't done in a long time...

Plus,I'd rather sneak up on people and be the one they never saw coming...