Still No Hill?

whats goin on now with this situation.. im gett'n a little scared here, he shoulda bin back by now at least practising things will get really screwed up if he doesnt show up then we wil have morreale starting sb.. ew..

We just had to trade Cavil to the Bommers right away to help them get much better than us...Strange.

On paper our recieving core looked so strong a few months ago; now there in shambles.
Not sure why Yeast was cut and the Kwami trade sucks in my opinion.

Is the word suck so bad it needs to be xxxx out;wow we are getting sensitive on here.

The word i used started with an S and ended with uck why is that being censored?
Can anyone tell me.

The forbidden anti argos chant

It would be interesting to see whether Kahlil Hill can replicate his 2005 performance with the Ticats for the remainder of this season. On the other hand, if Hill chooses not to return here, there will be approximately a hundred receivers released by NFL teams between now and Labour Day. The Ticats will probably bring in a few of them for a look.

You do realize the man is under no obligation to play for us this year? Its his choice if he wants to "play out" or "sit out" his option.

in an article in the spec lancaster said they have no intrest in bringing in nfl cuts. he says our team is already good enough

good, hill is as overrated as his ex-argo brother hakim, they are nothing special, the cats need more discipline and practice rather than nfl rejects.

you're right, screw those TD returns he had last year, who needs them.

:lol: :lol: :lol: thats pretty funny

The reason I like Hill as a reciever is his size and hopefully he can play the slot .

and besides, we're having fun :roll: :lol:
I'm sure all of you season ticket holders are happy to hear that!

I only want Hill back if he signs long term ,like 3 years ,which means only one and a half these days...

Something like a sentence from a judge,not that I'd know about that

actually he was spotted. Running. Running real fast. Running as far away from this train wreck as possible.

wouldnt be suprized!

Do you think Ron gave Blueberry Hill the boot....Something strange. :lol: