Still No Coaches?

doesnt anybody else think this is taking a little long.. we should have all our coaching staff by now and they sh9ould be preparing for the season to come.. its only in a couple of months and we really need the new guys to get on the right track early.. whats goin on Marcel?? its january...

They Said it be Late Jan Early February
Before that Staff would be Here.

There is alot of Scouting Going on next Two
Months Alot bowl games State Side Plus the NFL Combine and School Workouts.

Plus Charley need to make Right Call here.
These coaches will Shape the team more then He well. Because Most Head Coaches Delegate Duties.

Charley Said he offence guy so He will have some input on offence but as For Defence.

He needs to pick someone who can make us
Feared by Other 7 Teams..

i wouldnt mind seeing Kavis resigned, i feel with a great offence this year our defence will be nothing more the deadly, we would bring it to the house with the secondary shaping up at the end of the season last year, as for the d-line… that needs some work, i liked reeds idea of defence it worked well when they didnt play both defence and offence lol

I don't See Kavis resigned as a DC..
Maybe as DB Coach but then again that is a long Shot.

I see all new Coaches but we Waited for Charley
Now We will Wait for the other Coaches.
then We wait for FA to be Signed

Then Wait for Camp then Wait for Preseason.
and Season Opener..

I can hardly wait

but what other option do I have?

lets jus get this season started!!

Still 5 Months from Camp

Every day without a coach is a dollar saved by the team.

An Argo fan

From todays Winnipeg Free Press. I copied this as I don't know how to provide the link.

ONE COACH GONE, ANOTHER TO FOLLOW? The Bombers have lost quarterback coach Mike Working to Charlie Taaffe's new staff with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Working, who is pals with Taaffe, leaves the Bombers after serving one season here. The Ticats are also said to be chatting with defensive back coach Gregg Butler.

Thanks for the interesting news item, Wallace.

Here is a summary of Mike Working's coaching bio obtained from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers website:

2006- Quarterbacks Coach- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1991-2005- Head Coach- Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, Maryland
1986-1990- Offensive Coordinator, Receivers- University of Tulsa
1983-1985- Receivers Coach- Detroit Lions
1980-1982- Head Coach- Appalachian State
1978-1979- Quarterbacks and Receivers Coach- Wake Forest
1975-1977- Offensive Line and Receivers Coach- West Virginia
1973-1974- Tight Ends Coach- Tennessee-Knoxville

At first I hated Kavis Reed's defence, but after a while it started growing on me. (I'm still not a fan of the 3 man rush though.) Someone earlier pointed out how at times this year our defence was our offence, and it's sad to say that was true. I'm a firm believer that if Kavis came back and ran the same kind of defence it would be very good if our offence could do their part and put some points on the board.

I know we gave up the most points in the league last year, which doesn't exactly help Kavis' cause, but let's remember how many times the offence turned it over. When the other team has a short field to work with its a lot easier to score. Plus, our offence gave up a number touchdowns, either INT's or fumbles so it wasn't all the defence's fault.

Having said all this, I'm pretty sure Kavis Reed will not be re-hired. If for no other reason than we just don't want anyone associated from last year back.

I'm one of those who would prefer to hear about the entire coaching staff in one fell swoop.
Getting it one person at a time only leads to further barrages of speculation, as to who would fit in with those already named, etc.

There will be disclosures like the one above about who is being approached and talked to. But, I'm satisfied to let that happen, and have Taaffe's entire staff introduced at one time.
Then we can examine past experiences of each as part of the whole staff.

One thought, and I'm sure I'm not alone. It would be best that nobody from the previous staff is brought back, regardless of ability. Best to start with a clean slate. It's not like this is rocket science. And the players can be evaluated even by coaches who have never worked directly with them before.

Here is that Winnipeg Free Press link.

The reference is at the end of an Article
about one of their QBs signing with
an Arena Football League team.

click here

Here is some background on Greg Butler,
possible *Defensive Co-ordinator candidate,
from the Winnipeg Blue Bomber's website

The Montreal connection stands out.

Between 2002-04 he was the Morgan State
University Bears’ defensive coordinator.

...Butler was on the Montreal Alouettes
coaching staff between 1999 and 2001.

Butler’s defensive backs made 27 interceptions
for 380 yards and five touchdowns in 1999.

In 2000, four of Montreal’s defensive backs
were Eastern Division CFL All-Stars.

Butler made his CFL coaching debut in 1998
as the Toronto Argonauts’s defensive backs coach.

Butler worked in various capacities
at the U.S. college level for 12 years.

He coached one season at Catholic University
then, from 1987 until 1992 at the University
of the District of Columbia.

From 1992 until 1997 Greg Butler coached
the defensive backs at Howard University.

He also guest coach ed at CFL training camps.
[Baltimore Stallions in 1994 and 1995 and
the Montreal Alouettes in 1996.]

Butler starred at defensive back at
Howard University from 1971 until 1974.

He turned pro in 1975 with the
Philadelphia Bell of the W.F.L.

then, played in the NFL with
the Los Angeles Rams in 1977.

From 1978-1980 he for the Edmonton Eskimos.

He was a CFL All-Star each of those three years.

next, one year with Montreal Alouettes, then,
he finished his playing career with a year
playing for the U.S.F.L. Washington Federals.


*I would assume the the position
being discussed with Greg Butler
would not be defensive back coach

as it is a general practice that
teams only allow their coaches

to talk to other teams for positions
that would be an advancement.