2013 schedule

Cmon CFL. The board of governors meeting was well over a week ago.... and still no 2013 schedule. Not only is it hard on the fans who have schedules they have to work around when planning which games to attend, it is hard on the cities that are trying to host other events in their stadiums. We need a schedule for the up coming season before the end of Jan. It cant be that difficult.

The release of the CFL schedule is pretty much on par with other sports teams in terms of release date of schedule Vs opening day. Is it not?

The CFL's offical twitter feed has tweeted numerous times that they schedule is running behind due to the difficulty of Hamilton's situations etc.

relax man... loosen up!

CFL Congress 2013 is held next week in Regina,from February 26 to March 1. I expect the 2013 CFL schedule to be available not long after; same with confirmation of TSN/RDS as official broadcasters until,at least, 2018.


I wonder if fans of other leagues get this uptight about the release of the schedule? It really seems like CFL fans spend A LOT of time complaining about waiting for the schedule to come out.

Blogskee WeeWee, is it possible they are still figuring out the Labour Day issues? IIRC it came out a few weeks ago that there was a scheduling conflict with the stadium in Guelph and their university team and Rogers said no to having the game there because the Jays were playing at the dome the day before. They were looking at options, like maybe moving the Guelph game to accomodate the Ticats or just having the Cats and Argos play someone else entirely? Being a TiCat fan maybe you'd know more if that has been resolved. I seem to recall something to that effect on the scratching post blog.

The Labor Day issue is what is most likely holding the schedule up. Between the rivalry and the fact that TSN will need to be able to schedule a friday night game that weekend for friday night football. Riders and Winnipeg need to play on sunday as part of the tradition and TSN needs an eastern game with a 1:00 start followed by the EDM at Calgary 2nd part of the double header of that Monday.
I believe also that induvidual tickets have already been purchased for the Labor Day game from Hamilton fans expecting to have a game somewhere ear the GTA.
Its the biggest weekend of the season for the CFL and TSNs coverage of the CFL

You pretty much covered everything. UofG plays on Labour Day (though that game could be moved) and the Dome says they can't flip from baseball to football in 24 hours, so that would presumably rule TO out as well. Nothing more on the subject has been said, unless I missed something.

The East game does not have to start at 1PM. In fact, there are more than a few recent LDC's that have started later than that. They could have the west game at 3:30 and the east game at 7:00 if need be, but I'm sure the preference is Argos-Cats at 1 and Esks-Stamps at 4.

Also, individual tickets have NOT gone on sale yet, so other than STH, no one has purchased any tickets for any Tiger-Cat games.

So quite possibly trying to find a way to make keep the TiCats-Argos game on Labour day may be what's holding things up. Maybe they're working behind the scenes to still get the UG game moved or looking at alternative venues. It's a pretty big issue because if they can't work it out then it could affect 4 teams, with probably the Lions and Als being in mix. I can't imagine they would make any change to the Stamps-Esks or Riders-Bombers matchups.

Does anyone happen to know when the schedule will be out?

As soon as it's finalized. :thup:

Good one Sherlock!

There is already a thread about this. SEARCH, noob.

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Yikes, we could be waiting another week.

Drew Edwards on Scratching post blog posted that one of the things holding up the schedule is a possible Atlantic game for the TiCats (would they move the Labour day game there?), among other issues.

those are rather big hurdles. As the CFL stated, there are a lot of struggles due to stadium constructions. Between stadium issues, Blue Jays as a primary tenant the Atlantic game and attempting to line up LD matchups, it will not be an easy undergoing, and only amplified with the oddball 9 teams in a year. I would love to see the schedule in the 2nd week of February, but going into March is fine fir the next couple of years.

Y, if Ottawa remains on target for 2014 they may be late releasing the schedule again depending on how the stadium construction progresses there and in Hamilton. Then after that the Riders stadium if the project moves ahead. Could indeed be a few years of delayed scheduling.

No doubt like previously mentioned two big reasons for the delay is the Ticat "homeless" situation and the crooks over here at the Rogers Centre with their usual crumbs like (un)availability.

because scheduling becomes very tricky with 9 teams. You will see games basically every day of the week over the coarse of a season. There will be times teams play 4 times in 2 weeks. You are essentially scheduling 4.25 games per week. I am hoping they extend the season and have 2 byes instead of 1. 9 teams was painful before, and it will be again.