Still Missing Printers.....But New Season Apon Us.

I am still missing my fav QB Casey Printers :cry: , and I am still will fight anyone who says he wasn't the best around and didn't carry the Lions as far as they got last season. But to say the least, and sadly he left, and I can't blaim him for leaving. But I guess now we have to go with what we have, and hope for the best. Dickonsen hopefully will step up to the plate this year, and get his game on and win some games.
It's a new season.... and Yipeeeeee!!! CFL Football is back. This makes this football Gal happy, and ready to enjoy some good ol' CFL games. I am looking forward to seeing BC kicking Sask's butt in the next game, and putting my game face on for it from my game chair. :rockin:
Woo Hooo,,, go Lions Go!!!! :rockin:

Lifer Lions Fan always

So ... did you happen to miss the first game? In case you did , I'll let you in on it . Dickenson was all-world in that game . And won player of the week for his effort in 3 quarters.
And Casey did not carry the team last year , he only won 1 game as a starter in '05. Dave won the first 11 in a row then went down with a concussion and that's when the losses started. Casey's gone get over it and we still got a great QB

co-signed, except DD's durabilty could be what really holds the team back.

Printers was a exellent QB :smiley:
but he went to the NFL :cry:
Dave is :slight_smile: a good stater
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo :smiley: :slight_smile: