......Still Hope

....The hammer got hammered by the Als tonight...they looked gawd awful ...almost as bad us......I didn't see one aspect of Hamiltons game that was even in the same league as Mont. ....If we can get our game together...who knows ...we could still take a run...Go BigBlue... :thup:

A Calgary win over BC tonight, combined with the ass kicking the Argos will get tomorrow, and Bombers are in a new light. :thup:

Sssssssssuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh :lol:

If Hamilton keeps playing the way they did tonight then you guys will be in good shape to overtake us. God, didn't know we had another retro night, tonight's theme the cat's of 2007..... sad excuse for a game to say the least.

....Marcel looked like he was shell shocked......we know the feeling...You guys are starting the wrong qb. ...Trafalis looks pretty competent....Even liked his throws,,,,But heh ...I 'm not gonna give you guys any pointers...I'm still hoping one of our guys shines... :wink: to go down the stretch

I couldent agree with you more.

I gotta think if we don't come up with a passing game, then we aren't going to win enough games to catch either Hamilton or BC, no matter how bad they play down the stretch. As long as that happens, there's plenty of hope. It's true, anything is possible in the CFL.

my tabbies had 3 wins last season we have 6 now! thats an improvment! I want to cheer for Peg, but I guess i h ave my hate on for kelly!when he is no longer a bomber! ill cheer you on..incase u care!

basically what it boils down to is win against the teams we are competing against we play T.O. once play B.C. once play Hamilton twice we win all those we should be in the other remaining 3 for us are against EDM and MTL(x2) looks like BC has the tougher outta all the teams fighting for the final playoff spots so that benefits us.

BC faces - Sask(x2) Edm (x2) Wpg, Cgy (i see them only winning 1 game and that could be us which i hope it isnt)
Ham faces- Wpg(x2) Cgy, T.O. Mont, Sask (see them winning 3 but hopefully only 1 tho other 2 would be us)
Wpg faces- Ham(x2) T.O. Mont(x2) Edm, Bc (can see 4 wins maybe)
T.O. faces- Mont (x2) Edm (x2) Ham Wpg Sask (hopefull none but i can see possible 2)

They way i think its gonna come down and i hope it does is last game of the season Ham vs Wpg week 19 winner gets home field advantage for playoff game

Hey, papa, at least we kept the Als under 40 and scored in the double digits. :wink:

The winner will make the playoffs and the loser will be out. 2ND in the the East will play a better team from the West. At least it will be a home game for the East team.

You are right! The only way to get the passing game going is to forget about running every other down! All we are doing is wasting downs! Bombers actually did something good last week, they started throwing the ball to the RBs. Have Bramlet, or whom ever is playing QB, to throw the ball, get in to a rhythm and have the QB run. As we get the passing game open throw in the run, but give up on this idea that Bombers are a running team, its a loser from the start.

Sucks to be skiming the schedule and looking for hope. Sitting around the table and the Koolaid bowl is empty :frowning:

Here is another Kellyism that made me laugh.

Mike Kelly: "You'd never know we are what we are in a realistic world"
I'm gonna miss these when he's gone.

LOL...yup...and Bishop passed for more yards (in three quarters) than all Hamilton qbs...145 - 108... :wink:

....We;re starting a lot of new guys today against the argos....i've got a feeling one of them is going to have a big game...watch for this Amey kid....he can really burn up the field...Santos is also slotted in....will we see him....???? I say if the going gets tough and we're down....or we are up by a big margin..... enter Santos...Funny thing is ...either scenario is quite possible.. :roll:

Sucks that Calvillo is 1 and 5 in Grey Cup games and can't get it done in big games .! You know the rules, you troll, you will get called out. Every time !

Lets count the Calvillo choke jobs, 2000, lost to a 8 and 10 BC team. Had the open receiver for the tying 2 points, but tightened up and missed him. Then you had him crossing the line of scrimmage in the OT game in 05. Did he even play in the 06 game against BC, in winnipeg ? Last year at home, threw the game away with costly pics.

.....just rehashing the hammers debacle last night.....Goodspeed got owned,,,,looked like a turnstile....Gauthier was lousy....Glenn didn't impress me ....some of our former players who were part of that no-effort by the cats....I wonder how many Bomber fans have seen that before by these guys....Goodspeed suprised me with his lack-lustre effort....Guess he's falling into the TiCat abyss... :lol:

I was very interested in seeing how Hamilton did against Montreal, given that we had just played the Als.

Seems pretty clear that both Hamilton and Winnipeg have some of the same problems...no bonafide starting QB, and needing help on the OLINE, which makes the first problem that much worse...

Did you see Otis Amey's comments in the Sun about playing tonight:

Bombers wide receiver Otis Amey appeared in 11 NFL games with the San Francisco 49ers in 2005, but can't wait to play in his first CFL contest tonight.

"I'm so excited," he said yesterday after the team's walk-through. "Today wasn't even a game, but I had trouble sleeping last night."

I like this guy. I'm looking forward to seeing him play.

I liked this part of the same article...

Bombers wide receiver Otis Amey appeared in 11 NFL games with the San Francisco 49ers in 2005, but can't wait to play in his first CFL contest tonight.

"I'm so excited," he said yesterday after the team's walk-through. "Today wasn't even a game, but I had trouble sleeping last night."

Head coach Mike Kelly noted that the receiving corps was especially bouncy this week in the wake of the team trading Arjei Franklin and Romby Bryant to Calgary.

"This has been one of the most interesting weeks I've ever experienced in 29 years of doing this stuff, the social climate and how it's changed within a group," Kelly said.

"We have had more energy in our practices and practised with more speed out of the receiving group than what we've had the whole year."

Maybe one bad apple was spoiling the bunch???