Still hope in riderville

Is it just me or does our riders ALWAYS make life harder then it could be.
We win last night and we have 2nd wrapped up but alas not meant to be
So we sit 2 points up on BC and Edmonton, tied with Calgary depending on tonights game.
If they get their act together there is no reason we cant go 4-1 or 3-2 down the stretch
Its a good thing the team has their fait in their own hands
The bonus is we are competetive as Durant develops
As i posted elsewhere, Durant took a few steps back last night (worst game as Rider)
Time to bounce back Mr. Durant, take your team, yes your team to the promised land
We have 3 home games (Toronto,BC,Calgary) and 2 away (Hamilton,Calgary)
As my friend always said "Get er done"
We need to beat BC by 15 points to take series
We play Calgary twice, so we definitely need a split there then we take that series.
It helps having BC play Edmonton twice too

I REALLY hope last night was a wake up call for
the players and coaches


I agree Durant performance was very poor but its bound to happen look at ricky ray last night as well! I would rather see durant flop now than in the playoffs its all part of the learning experience we all do it

If we would have had Ricky Ray as QB last night with his performance against Edmonton, we would have won the game. As off Ray was on Friday night, DD was worse. He killed our chances at winning the game when he threw pic into double coverage, again. Doesn't that statement sound like a broken record.

You are the only broken record on here.

As for the game itself, the Riders still hold their own destiny, if they win out they get 1st place as that would mean they have won the tiebreaker with Calgary. Unfortunately they also lost both season series to Edmonton and BC, teams below them in the standings.

If the West comes down to a complex tie breaker scenario the Riders could yet finish 4th due to the season series losses to BC and Edmonton.

havn't lost the series to BC we have to win next game by a margin of 15 points or something

things will be ok i was upset after the bc game,but i still believe we will win first in the west.Should be tied after this weekend!