Still Hope For Bombers!!!

Now I am puting on my rose coloured glasses for this one!!!
The Riders showed today that they are about as good as the Bombers are.
Next week the Riders play the Esks in a game that the Esks will win by halftime.
That means the Riders will come to Winnipeg for the Eastern division semi.
Hopfully there is some snow on the ground because the bombers secondary is the worst in the league...So basicly it will be Cates VS Smith/Reid.
Both teams do not have quarterbacks so despite the fact that the Bombers recievers are light years better is a moot point.
Then the Bombers are going to Montreal!!!
The only way the Bombers have a chance is if AC gets injured.... This could very well happen because Tresman keeps him in games for no apparent reason.... If Calvillo gets hurt then the Bombers have a chance!!!!!
Then the Bombers are going to the Grey Cup (or should I say staying for the Grey Cup)!!!!
All it would take is for the Western finalist to get into a plane crash and the cup is ours!!!
Even if the starting quarterback of BC,Edmonton, or Calgary went down it wouldn't matter... Jackson,Sankey and Maas are still better then Glenn and spegetti arm Dimwit.
The Bombers miles well start Randle or Chang for the last two games....maybe we'd stand a better chance!!!
The Bomber WILL finish the season 6-12....

If thats your hopeful outcome for the Bombers, i'd be scared to read your despairing take on them.... :thdn:

.......the Bombers have played craptacular all year....i don't see anything turning around in the play-offs.....I said 3 years ago we need a qb. the same still olds true...Glenn will be the go-to-guy for the semi-final...and that isn't getting me one bit excited...The kicking game is a work in progress....should be ready to go sometime in 09.....The dbs. are playing 15 yds. off of their coverage....and watch the opposing qb. play pitch and catch down the field....I won't even go into the coaching...STILL HOPE....there's a chance....and in this league you never know....but i would say its bordering on to none...I just hope we can go out having some fun like Milt....I think he sees the writing on the wall....and he is trying to make the best of it...Too bad he can't play quarterback... :wink:

All depends on how healthy everyone is when the playoffs start. Regardless of how you finished, the healthiest team at the end of it all is usually the one hoisting the GC.

Did you lose a bet to 05 papa?...

For all those concerned;

Molly the touchdown horse was put on oxygen following this weekends spirited workout , after an
extra serving of oats, and a deep tissue massage, i am pleased to report she is feeling much better.


I have to agree with Blin on his first part. If the riders play as poorly agaist Edmonton this week as they did agaist the ticats they will be playing in Winnipeg for the semi'final game. Being a man of wisdom, (LOL) I have already purchased my tickets for the Rider/bomber game.

sigh same.

Thanks bombers fans you guys are great with the bet. I will bet anytime with you boys.

PAPA,PAPA,PAPA!!!!!!! I can and do appreciate your devotion to the Bombers! I also support our team wholeheartedly, BUT I would never bet on them, at least not this year and certainly not against Calgary!!! What on earth did red catch you doing??
Yes red, most Bomber fans are good sports! Our team is in desparate need of direction to say the least! Congrats on your teams victory and hopefully the Stamps will make it to the big dance this year.............................where the 2008 east division champion Bombers will be waiting to avenge 2001!!!!!! :twisted: :lol: :lol: Ok,Ok back on topic.
Your correct PaPa, except for the first 6 to 7 games last year, Glenn has proven that he is a backup at best. We have outstanding receivers and a decent O-line. We have major issues at Qb, the secondary and our kicking game. I, like you, feel that anything can happen in the playoffs but I certainly wouldn't bet on it!!

....I know scotty,,,,,i got caught in a weak i'm getting my pride kicked around a bit.....but as far as betting on our guys this year ,for, like ....not a son might see this little Cal. huff n puff ,till the end of the reg. season......BUT that's it.....I have officially taken off my blue-coloured glasses... :lol:

Dad what about the red jersey? Yes Pappa, MPdid got caught in my trap. They are very good sports. Scotty maybe next time okay we can get you included. The Bombers are alive and well for the playoffs. They just have to wait to see who they dance with. What is your preference boys!~).

Calgary or BC LOL LOL :rockin:

Saskatchewan has a lot of injuries and the refs always call against them so thats my choice.

It's okay PAPA we all make mistakes. Maybe you'll get some payback in 09! Maybe next year red, we'll see how it unfolds. My pick for an opponent? Toronto! Okay how about Saskatchewan or BC. I really don't want to face Ricky Ray or Calgary even in our own backyard. How about you red! Say you finish first, who would your preference be in the west final?

Ah come on Pappa, bet R&W05 that Calgary is going to loose in Hamilton thia week. Can happen you know. I actually am going to pick hamilton to win this week. At home and Porter looks good. The unset of the week or maybe the year if Calagry looses this one and then to BC. That would mean that your Bombers could play them in the eastern semi final.

Well with Miller screwing around his eight Qb's Kidding. But really you have to wonder what the heck he is doing changing out his QB's showing no confidence with two games left. I would have to say your best chances would be with the Riders. They are so unsure who is going to lead the offense at this time of the year tells me they are going to fail. Edmonton is like Calgary which team will show up not consistant enough. Mind you Calgary has won 5 out of their last six so they are now showing up for every game. BC is much of the same as Edmonton. As long as Buck is healthy they would be toug. But if he is not healthy I would say they could be had.
So here is the order

Your best changes of a win playing


HMMM I smell blood in the water. Does Red stud wish to make a bet?