just wondering for those mods or admins if i could have my weekly fantasy huddle picks threads turned into sticky’s, and BigDave’s too, for each week.

Stickies :?:

check the main forum, it has one thread under the category Sticky…it means it stays at the top of the page…i’d be helpful if the Who Are You thread was at the top too.

Too many stickies would make us have to scroll down every single time for the dynamic topics.

2 or 3 isnt exactly alot, and i was hoping this site would get categories like CFL football, other topics, etc. but this might just be the main discussion and thats it, all-in-all, 1 or 2 more wouldnt make a difference

In fact, they could get rid of old stickies and announcements… I don’t think they still have problems with passwords so that one could disappear.

well, maybe the new people that log on have passord problems.

sticky thread would be nice for our pools…

i hate stickies. If you are too stupid to find the certain thread you want then you don’t deserve to be in the pool

I like the idea since Big Dave’s pool is a very popular thread. And Billy Soup, it’s not a question of intelligence but of convenience.

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!

the writing is so small though, its just easier to have threads that you know most people are gonne use every week, or a thread most people want to view alot, like the Who Are You thread.