Sticky Stala Is Back

Wow, that didn`t take long. Released by Hamilton yesterday, signed by the Als today.

I was always a fan, great possession receiver like Cahoon, great character guy, but thought his age would work against him returning to the Als.

Je suis loin d'être certain que Stala va survivre au camp d'entraînement. Il a passablement ralenti au cours de deux dernières saisons. Mais il peut apporter une saine compétition à Deslauriers. Si cela pouvait lui donner une motivation supplémentaire pour réussir à se démarquer, ce serait déjà un progrès. Au pire, l'équipe ne sera pas vraiment diminuée si c'est Stala qui prend le poste de Deslauriers. Il demeure qu'il aurait été préférable que l'équipe trouve une façon de plutôt garder un jeune espoir intéressant, comme Millington l'était.

I like Dave. He’s not the fastest guy around but smart as a whip and great hands.

He hangs on to the ball when thrown to him. Should make things interesting with regards to DesLauriers.

Dave is a slotback, Deslauriers is a decoy :lol:

Glad to have Sticky back.

But surprised though, I thought he'd end up in Ottawa.

I like Stala too but he is now one of the slowest receivers in the league. Decent situational signing I guess if he makes it. Got a lotta miles and hits on him. His lack of speed makes him a punching bag. But given Als apparent past disdain of NI receivers he could be a good option at times


. . . and one other benefit to having Stala back.

He can probably punt better than Sean Whyte.

Next move. . .sign Ben Cahoon as playing coach; he can coach the receivers and kick the field goals ! :lol:

I agree with slant that Popp and Trestman had no use for quality Canadian receivers and, the team lost an opportunity to acquire sound NI such as: Cory Watson, Shawn Gore, Akim Foster, Etienne Ianuzzi and others by their attitude. I was not surprised that Stala was released as the TiCats are solid at receiver. Stala might be slow But he can catch and, is particularly adept at catching passes in the second and 10 situations. Hopefully he will improve greatly the NI receiver position with our team.

This will seal Deslaures fate with the Als. He will for now be 2nd on the depth chart behind Stala which could see him make the roster out of camp but will not dress. The Als will now be able to look for a future Canadian receiver to groom. They have already signed a kid from Bishops who could see his season on the practice roster.
They have also invested time in Kyle Graves move to WR and Stala's presence can do nothing but set a great example for the young receivers.

:thup: :thup:

His wife is from Montreal (happy wife happy life, they say) and I think he only left Montreal because he was stuck behind some little guy from Utah and wanted to be a starter and make starter money.

Welcome back Dave.

Thats the thing they were getting no production out of that 5th receiver slot when going 5 wide. DeslAures has been in that spot for a few years now and he has been non existent.
Slow and worn Stala may be but he has great hands of course, runs good routes, and has to be accounted for by the defense.
Losing Lavoi will sting but they still will have packages of H-back or TE two back situations.
With Messam and Lumbala they will have the ability to go with the two back H-Back packages.
Finding a true TE will not be easy but does not mean they will not find one or one may arise from the roster.