Stick a fork in them

These clowns are done! I’ve been an Esk season ticket holder for over 30 yrs and have never seen a collapse like this! They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

if you going to write them off now, don’t dare climb on the bandwagon if they turns things around this season.

Not a problem, I’ll still have my season tix and seats for the grey Cup game and I’ll be at Saturdays game, rain or shine.

far out

Well… they’ve officially been put out of their misery, let the purge begin. I keep hearing rumors that Reilly isn’t gonna be here next year, that one would hurt big time.

most likely your QB will be an orange LION

Vicious lies!


Vicious TRUTH

I hope at least one of either Maas or Reilly moves on.

Would love to see Reilly in BC but don’t think either Reilly or Lulay deserve to be number 2.

Now if Lulay would retire to be a coach for the lions then that would be ideal.

Shouldn’t happen yet

I’m not disagreeing that you’ve heard rumours. What you’ve been hearing though will turn out to be hot air. The Edmonton Eskimos are the best financed team in the CFL and thus also the best positioned to sign Mike Reilly to another contract.


Again! Can’t see them finishing better than 8-10. A bunch of guys reading press clippings about how great they are. Legends in their own minds!

Something definitely wrong in Eskimo land.

Multiple FG does not a winner make. Cannot finish in red zone

Foresee a free fall in the standings