STH's - Bulldogs Playoff Tickets

Season ticket holders we just got an email about $20 dollar bulldog conference final tickets for this Friday and Sunday.

Let's jump on this offer and support our team!

We picked up Friday tickets and likely will buy Sunday tix as well.

Will be there in the Tiger-Cats Bulldogs combined jersey with Big 68 on the back.

Let's go Bulldogs!

(just got confirmation. Section 106 row 4 - the side Hamilton shoots twice I believe - good tickets!!!)


a bump as we just got the email for the finals now.

wish I hadn't already bought my game 1 tickets. The link offered saves 33% on the cost.

Get out and see the Bulldogs. They are setting CHL records!


are you able to share the link or is it specific to the receiver?

I haven't seen a BD game in years but I would hop on the bandwagon if there is room :slight_smile:

No, the link was open for all. I understand if you enter TICATS or HWDSB (hamilton wentworth district school board) it would generate the $22 tickets.

We just bought our two for tomorrow's afternoon game. Unfortunately there were not $22 tickets left/available.

We lost last night in OT.

There were Argo sucks and Oskee Wee Wee chants during the stoppages. Place was on fire.

I'll keep an eye out if there is a game 5 back in Hamilton.

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What was attendance like? Looked like a great crowd on CH News.

lower level was maybe 75% full?

About the same as game 1 from the 2018 championship run.

I was happy but with how cheap the tickets are, I wish there were more people attending.

Heck, if you want, just select the kids ticket, which is even cheaper. They don't check when scanning that you are indeed a child. I'm not that cheap, but many are.

Probably the best valued entertainment in the city right now.


Took the plunge, in for 3 tickets tomorrow.
HBD have you to thank for the extra revenue LOL. And the $5 beer price didn't hurt.

The rest of the series after tomorrow is carried live on TSN.


great game last night!

We almost blew our lead but came out with the win.

These are some of the most entertaining games I've seen all year (Leafs, lol, yawn).

We bought our tickets for game 5 this upcoming Sunday. Hopefully we will be up 3-1 by that point.

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Bought centre ice 4th row...what could go wrong you ask?
Right behind the penalty box, horrible looking through two sets of glass.
Moved up 2nd period in some unused seats and all good.

HBD need to stay out of the penalty box.
Massive edge to Hamilton with their goalie coming up big.

Dawgs tie it up on the road. 2 - 2 in the series and coming back to the Hammer.

Support that team!

Was an absolute nail biter tonight. I pulled my calf muscle leaping out of my chair when we scored the OT goal.

Im an embarrassment lol.

Btw, sunday afternoon is game 5. Tickets are ultra affordable. Lets fill that lower bowl.

Picked up 4 yesterday

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:ice_hockey: :trophy:


Great atmosphere down at the arena tonight. Congratulations Bulldogs!


Now bring home the Memorial Cup. :+1: