Stewart's role will change

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I loves me some Anwar Stewart, but this IMO is the right move. At times last season, Anwar was less effective containing the run to his side and too easily got chip-blocked on the pass rush. Rotating him with McElveen ensures he'll be fresh when he's on the field, while giving Bekasiak more playing time inside.

This was an interesting article which used Ben Cahoon to illustrate that around he age of 30 it is likely that an athlete's skill will begin its decline. This is generic to all heavy contact sports like football. In addition, athletes in this category will generally take longer to heal if they suffer injury. As I mentioned in another post AC seems in good shape now but, he has reached the age of increasing vulnerability. We all hope that AC will lead the team to its third consecutive victory this year but, to ensure that the Als will have a healthy and sharp QB for this year and, those to follow, it is time to give Ad McPherson the reps required to sharpen his QB skills. I do hope the organization does give McPherson this opportunity this year to ease into the QB role. He might have to take this role at any moment- better to give him the required game reps before it becomes too late!

Stewart est un sage. Je crois qu'il commence à préparer son après-football. C'est un type que je vois très bien poursuivre une carrière d'entraîneur. Il est charismatique, exigeant, intelligent et a un bon leadership.

Anwar will always be one of my all-time favorite Alouettes. A class act, likeable guy with a great sense of humor, and one of those players who makes things happen through hard work and intelligence. Like LeStaf, I too wonder if coaching lies in his future. He's always been a student of the game -- he might turn out to be a great defensive line coach.

I can remember AS leading the team in interceptions a few years back- not bad for a defensive end!

I remember that season too. He was a game-breaker, that's for sure. I don't know if he'll make it into the CFL Hall of Fame after he retires, but he sure has my vote.

have always enjoyed anwar's play at DE!! but enjoyed it even more when he lined up as a TE and caught passes!!